Documentation of the progress of making a Dollfie Dream Hakama ^^/ Initially it started out as something which is meant for M-bust, but as I adjusted the pattern it became something which will fit the L-bust DDII ^^;

Above is the first attempt, the tie straps were too bulky so I changed that later on. Also felt that the sleeves could be longer ^^/

Another photo of first attempt because Aki is kawaii :P

M-bust attempt 2, Aki looks adorable in it no? ^^;

Luckily Hakama bottom took one try (after some careful planning)

Looking back, the first couple attempts, the opening/collar definitely needed some work ^^;

Aki look super adorable modelling it ^o^!

The first 2 hakama tops shows a bit too much cleavage on L-bust ^^;

Also the collar of the top was a bit funky >_<;

When put on L-bust body, it’s very distracting lol!

The final top covers up better and look a bit more elegant ^o^

I made a pair of tabi too, but forgot to take photos before I pack it up to ship ^^; You saw some sneak peeks with the new owners ^^;/ (I have an arrangement with Danny’s lovely musumes and make clothes on commission for them occasionally :) )

Omake pix: Mirin tries on Yuki Morikawa’s default wig ^o^/ Looks pretty cute no? I wish her neck doesn’t look so long tho lol!

Thanks for looking :)

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19 Responses to Dollfie Dream Hakama

  1. Miette-chan says:

    I love this set, too bad most that can be bought are red making more of a shrine maiden I would like to have a set like this someday.

  2. Smithy says:

    That hakama is nice. Any plans to create more for sales or…?

    Mirin looks good in Yuki’s default wig. Noticed that on Shizuko too, the DDH03 head has a rather short chin so the neck will look a bit long seen from some angles.

  3. polty says:

    thigh-highs revealed in 3rd pic !! xD

    fits nicely on L bust! great job ! x3

  4. Okazaki-san says:

    Wow,nice.I have a real one,but the top’s dark blue in color.

  5. yamada says:

    Lovely! I think red color looks good too but it looks like a shrine maiden ^^;

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