Before I start, I must thank Mai (Mai Little Alien) and JET SET for including my work at their booths even tho I cannot physically go there myself this time, information in Japanese and English here~!

I still have a bunch of stuff to do (oops) but after taking some photos of the final items… gotta document it :P

I did not make as many items as I would have hoped, but those which I finished up I am pretty happy with The theme I decided on is “Summer in Puppy Love” and I aimed for a clean and simple look.

I must say having this short term goal to work towards makes me push myself harder, despite some on and off interruptions. I am really glad that I also drafted some final patterns which I will use to make/finish some items to list for sale online soon-ish :D

The only downside is, due to this being very labor intensive on my end, my hands suffered from being poked by needles and dryness ^^; and late nights and backaches… =_=;/
The good thing is I know that I am careful with the items made and I do like how they turned out :) and my girls get to keep some of the test pieces I think ^^;

Mirin, L-bust DDII body

Himitsu, M-bust DDII body

Cardigans fits M bust/L bust differently from Dynamite body :3

Nyanko, DD Dynamite (DDdy) body, the peasant tops are made to fit Dynamite body, but fit the regular body too, just the final look is slightly different.

Working side pockets for the hot pants for Dynamite body :3

Managed to only finish one pink cardigan (oops) gotta cut moar ^^;

Good thing is I did reserve 2-3 grey hot pants for Dynamite body for the future online listings, I’m just missing a couple buttons, hope to get them soon.

Thanks for looking! And thanks for the hard work my dear girls!

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40 Responses to Doll Show 28

  1. Hololo says:

    Bravo, Fantastic, must get items !!

  2. Smithy says:

    Those outfits look great! Like the overall look and atmosphere of each. ^^

    Will definitely consider the DDDy ones as I see my Yoko is already eying them with envy! XD

  3. Pinkwing11 says:

    Awww, so Kawaii! The girls look great and so do the outfits :) Nice job!

  4. bernard says:

    typo error *YUKINO

  5. bernard says:


    thanks for the answers. well, i havent check the flickr group yet, hmm..since it’s very difficult to change the parts, i guess i just get myself a complete DD either YUKION or AOI 1st without any other parts like wig or torso, need to study more about them 1st. is there any tutorial or video regarding how to change those body parts?in future i have any question may i email you?

    • chun says:

      I think when you get a bust part they do come with instruction on how to wiggle it out ^^ and yes since this is quite a big purchase, always good to do some homework :D

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