Cute and Sensual dolly post

I apologize for the lack of updates in a while, have just been a bit busier than the normal busy due to some new arrivals…^^;  Got Mirai working hard too, she help me answer phone calls regarding some delays with work which I am working on on and off (oops!)

On with more photos! I wonder if Mirai is taking personal calls tho ;P lol!

The days here have been getting longer and slightly warmer (not winter freezing the butt off cold anymore, but at night time it’s definitely still rather cold ^^;)
Mirai is enjoying the sunshine for sure!

I love how she can look sweet and sexy at the same time ^^ I think I still prefer M-bust tho, but am currently a bit lazy to change it out :P I wonder if in future I may get Mirai chan a friend ^^; Not sure yet :P It’s still quite a chunk of money… 

Will have to work harder + make moar $$$ or then again… maybe I’ll see if I can try to win some of the cool prizes thru Danny’s contestsu to help me out! :P

I must admit the cleavage of the L-bust is super sensual and makes fabulous photos! (Click image below for larger version)

Sugguestive? ^^; I posted image below on my DC news too ^^/ (Click image below for larger version)

Love how her hair(wigs really) falls around her face :3  (Click image below for larger version)

Mirai wearing my blythe’s beanie, made by a friend of mine :D Mirai’s head is not as big as blythe’s head, but the beanie is a bit stretchy so it works fine ^^

Jelly beans… beanie… lol

Lost Mirai?


It’s Mamachapp time!!! What are these 2 wee girls up to?

They mistook the jelly beans for Easter eggs?


I leave you all with an adorable picture of Vivi among spring daffodils <3  (Click image below for larger version)

Have a great weekend everyone! :)

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  1. chun
    chun says:

    @meimi132 :D Mirai and mamachapps thanks U ^o^ And M is medium and L is Large :3 so U correct XD

    @Danny Nyoron~

    @chibinezumi :D!

  2. meimi132
    meimi132 says:

    Hauuuu cuteness!!! Mirai is so lovely…. And the Mamachapps…

    And just wondering, is M for medium or cup size? I’m guessing its Medium and Large lol.

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