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I wish to thank namo san for kindly posting so many beautiful photos of his DD musume (I think it is a custom Yoko) wearing my sewing on d*d*mod here and here! I am so touched!!!  Thank you very much! ^o^!!

The items for online updates are coming soon, I swear! Here’s a couple sneak previews from omake of the product shots!

I was intending to finish taking product shots last friday, but I overshot my schedule when I was sewing the shorts for DDII =_=;;

I almost forgot that a friend of mine from Singapore is visiting us this week and I’m sure everyone was busy on mother’s day weekend. :P As I type this entry I have to continue to prepare/tidy our place…

I will post about how I will list these items when I am moar ready, I do not want to make mistakes when I am overwhelmed or tired.  Thank you for your patience and understanding >_<;////

And remember, I will post about it on my twitter when something is listed!

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    • chun
      chun says:

      haahaha I love peasant tops myself :3 I wish I have a copy and paste for these, :P One of these days I will blog about the long process to make all these ^^;

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