Ball joint doll meet at Canadian Legion Hall

Attended a fairly large meet with more than 20 doll owners yesterday at the Canadian Legion Hall, I met up with kmyk to go — luckily I did cos otherwise I will probably have taken the bus in the exact opposite direction ^^;

I brought Himitsu and Taiga along, Himitsu wears a test outfit which still have to be adjusted at the waist and sleeves…

Taiga is holding the door gifts in the red packet the organizer rillystar kindly prepared for all who attended :)

I’ve been sick with varying severity for about a week now, which was why the lack of activities on my blogs, but since I didn’t feel too bad yesterday I was glad I could make it to the meet without too much problem. Transit was really packed for most part due to the Olympics, I was glad I could squeeze in without getting squished asia style ^^;

Met kmyk’s sweet Nyia for the first time :D

Also meet her Himeno Azone Pure Nemo doll, she felt slightly heavier than Mamachapp :) Her hair is very soft and smooth, and she’s very sweet :D

Table of cute dollies :D

These 2 stole my heart!

Elegant girl ^o^

Dollfie Dream sighting!  So happy to see another dollfie dream at a meet! Apparently she’s the owner’s first doll :D

rillystar’s Unoa couple :)

“Kidnapped” the girl to take a few shots :P

bluestarbaby’s Hitomi :) you can see more of Hitomi at bluestarbaby’s flickr here ^^/

Himitsu mingled a bit with the other dollies :P Taiga was a bit more uncooperative (Taiga kept trying to lay down on the table or refuse to stand :P)

Had a doll flopping moment with this girl, I don’t think she’s very pleased with me for that ^^; Sat her down instead for a photo ^^;

There was a fun photo contest prior to the meet, and some of the prizes are kindly sponsored by Feather Fall and rillystar :) This little guy helped out too :D

Epic moment :P

Entertainment ;)

Looks like the little helper is recruited on the fly ^^;

This has gotta be one of my favourite shots of the bunch, this guy is a natural! :D

He looks almost alive ^^;

Zen moment? :P

Cool bunch :3

Cool origami tiger mask :D

DOCs (Dream of Doll)

Gorgeous DOT (Dream of Doll)

I’ll end this post with this funny picture of Taiga who finally decided to hold her pose for a few shots ;P

I’m pretty proud of her, really ;)!

Thanks for viewing!

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  1. Outsider
    Outsider says:

    Fun outing! Strong contest from the minis with the twin girls and the epic moment from the lion dance troupe :3c.

    Dayum, i agree that natural boy looks pretty alive too.

    Speaking of Taiga, mr G. seem to have convince her to get a mini Tenori Tiger T-shirt too :p.

    Finally, someone’s still too sexy for his shirt :3c

  2. Miette-chan
    Miette-chan says:

    Once again looking at all these types of dolls I realize there are all different looking dolls. Still can’t decide if I like or dislike feminine looking male dolls. At the very least that guy you called “natural” looks pretty cool.

    That rambling aside, indeed Taiga is number 1.

    • chun
      chun says:

      Heehehehe yes! So many of them out there! It’s very interesting :) I was getting sweaty from trying to Balance Taiga on the podium lol

    • chun
      chun says:

      Thanks! And yes some dolls are just so lively o_o! Not that I mind very much, I find it very magical in that sense :3 Glad you think Taiga is cute lol

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