Adventures with Aki 2

I had been itching to take a doll out when the tide is low at Gilbert Beach, where I took my Strida Mini before.

Yesterday afternoon finally kicked my butt to do so :P  Interestingly enough, the brown patch under the trees in the background above is actually dried grass, not sand lol!

Really glad we went out tho, managed to take some nice photos :) The top is a test piece made ages ago, bottom is another test piece which the waist band area turn out a bit too large ;_;


It feels like Autumn is creeping up on us slowly, the mornings and evenings have definitely been colder… Afternoons when it’s sunny it can get warm and muggy tho.

So cuuuuuuute <3!

Too bad this top cannot hide the joint on the torso :Pd

Lookie no stand! :P

It’s a pity that there’s not much dry flat sandy area… the sand looks kinda dark and muddy so I didn’t want to put Aki on it…

Aki hangs around on the dry logs strewn around the beach XD

Glad that I had a reflector to bounce light into her face :) It helped a bit, to make the shadows less harsh, and oh yes I changed her eyes back to the parabox anime eyes… Think I prefer this pair on Aki ^^

Below is a shot which the reflector worked wonders in softening the shadow on her face!

Omake: Thanks Strida Mini for making our trip out a lot faster lol

Picture below taken by the LX3, luckily it wasn’t too windy… a bit nerve wrecking to have Aki balancing like that tho :P

Aki got a quick wipe down with mild soapy paper towel and a 2nd wipe down with damp paper towel when we got back :P

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  1. Otakusan
    Otakusan says:

    Aki is awesome as usual, that top is pretty cool… looks like a cute swimsuit top too in a way.

    • chun
      chun says:

      hehehe thank you ^o^! and yes it was supposed to be a swimsuit top lol! just that it still has some kinks to be fixed XP

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