Taiga in Osaka

Sorry for taking a while, this time it felt that jet lag got better of me when I return, and the cold winter weather in Canada did not help ^^;

During some point in time of the trip, I felt guilty neglecting Taiga so I re-dressed her and took her out when we went to Osaka! (21 Nov 2011)^o^ It was my husband’s first time in Osaka and my 2nd time in many many years ^^; But the time when I visited Osaka, it was more like a passing thru type visit so it was good to take our time to a certain extent and explore the area :)

I forgot what time did we get out of the hotel, but hardly any shops were open yet, and not many people around the area we walk about for photos… Look, no stand! XD

We were generally walking around for photo opportunities, and it was neat to see many shops with interesting decor around even in the day time :) We were looking for the famous Dotonbori street ^o^

This was one of the hotels we were checking out before we decided to come to Osaka…. XD It’s a little… disturbing LOL

As we get closer the buildings get more colourful :D Here we see the Glico sign which me and Taiga goofed around at a bit… there we started to see more people and husband told me people were doing a double take to look at this weird doll person taking photos with her doll in broad daylight :P

I generally tune people out so it was quite funny to hear what happened actually :P

Guess who fell for the tourist trap ^^; we were tricked by how delicious it looked as the fake food LOL unfortunately the real stuff was just packaging and was rather disappointing :(

Osaka is famous for Pkonomiyaki and Takoyaki… we actually did not try Takoyaki or Taiyaki in Osaka ^^; now thinking back, we were too full LOL and our stay was only about 3 nights, not enough to do everything ^^;;;;

Really funny signs, very well maintained ^^

We did eat takoyaki in Tokyo tho ^^; so good! :P

Taiga and Ryu ^o^

Found Otaroad [オタロード] after some walking and came across the Azone shop while looking for Volks shop ^^; Shopping damage was a bit smaller… should have bought more LOL

Almost missed Volks building as I have a bad sense of direction XD

Luckily husband was with me :P

Tenshi no sumika is the floor I was looking for XD

Tenshi no sumika generally has displays which they allow people to pose their dolls for photos, of course we gotta have Taiga do it :3

Unfortunately our nihongo still need a lot of work, ^^; we were lucky there was a attendant in store who was very patient and nice with us XD A squirrel found it’s way on Taiga’s lap lol


Really nice set ups ^o^ they even have a spot for our belongings ^^ so thoughtful!

Okie looks like it’s time to head back… we walked almost all day ^^; skipped lunch I believe, had okonomiyaki for dindins, so yummy!

Doesn’t Taiga look a bit disappointed that we’re already leaving?

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  1. Heather
    Heather says:

    When you said “Shopping damage was a bit smaller…” in regards to the Azone store I laughed hard XD … Until I read the bit about buying more, I thought you just meant you bought too many smaller things (for Pure Neemo/Mamachapp sized girls) LOL!!!

    I am so envious. I would love to go to Japan someday.

    • chun
      chun says:

      for some reason I think I bought one item at the azone store? If I didn’t confused myself :P I actually did not buy much for the smaller dolls ^^;> I hope you get to go to Japan in future!

  2. carmenxoxo
    carmenxoxo says:

    I just love Taiga to bits!!!!! <3 She looks so happy to be there!!! Nice photos as always Chun!!! ^ ^

    • chun
      chun says:

      Thank you! I’m so glad you like her :) She’s my favorite anime character so far and I cannot get enough of her that’s why I made her LOL

  3. Love Angel
    Love Angel says:

    You are making me concerned about my Japanese skills. >_<*
    I stopped following it after 1.5y, but my plans to visit Japan start to get some shape.
    How do you guys study it?

    Lovely pictures. Taiga is really a sweet and it looks like she had tons of fun there.

    • chun
      chun says:

      We have a instructor over every weekend to teach us ^^; but it’s a bit slow ^^;> mmm reminds me I have to do home work :P I took it to Japan but had no time to revise ^^;;;;; Thanks for your kind words about Taiga ^o^

      • Love Angel
        Love Angel says:

        How complicated is it when one speaks little to nothing of Japanese? Can you get around in Japan without problems?

        I am going to return to classes, but it is not going to be next year, which will leave me very little time to learn much before traveling. >_<*

        I saw your entry on your Taiga project. It is amazing how lovely you made her. Me sucks in drawing. I would never dare doing a face-up.

        • chun
          chun says:

          In Japan if you look like a caucasian and ask politely generally people will at least try to help, lol There are times me and husband were struggling and people who knew basic english helped LOL! Painting a face is quite different from painting/drawing on paper, sometimes need quite a few tries to get it right ^^;

  4. Mio Mio
    Mio Mio says:

    Aw Taiga looks like she’s having fun! ^^

    Man I need to go to osaka… Maybe the next time I go to Japan I can take ONE day from going to Akihabara to go spend the day in Osaka lol ^^;;;

    Of course every time I get on the train, I get off at Akihabara OTL (I need help)

    • chun
      chun says:

      I hope she is! :P I’m sure she was a bit mad when I took Aki out a bit more ^^; I hope you’ll get to check out Osaka on your next trip XD This trip turned out a bit rushed, too many things to do and see, not enough time ^^;;; I hope the next time we go again it won’t be as rushed :P Akihabara is a nice place to throw your moolahs at lol

      • Mio Mio
        Mio Mio says:

        yeah it seems like a nice place to visit ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

        I know what you mean… When I went there for the first time, we only went to half the places OTL… It was fun but… We only went to half the places… lol

        I know!!! Everytime I go into Volks, I have to buy something, and then I go down to the anime store below, and buy all these little toys and cell phone straps!!! ;__;

        Oh and may I ask where you buy your girls such cute clothes? Aki and Taiga have been dressed so cute and warm >w< Did you make them? ^^

        • chun
          chun says:

          Give you a reason to go back and visit the rest of the half no :P
          when there’s temptations and choices everywhere it’s really hard to resist ^^; I think how I resisted quite a bit this time was a reminder of how much the exchange rate is =_=;
          The hooded jacket is made for MSD, by someone on etsy, hoodie won’t fit her head but looks fine down at the back, it doesn’t have closure in front. The top and skirt I made. Skirt actually fits DDII body as well, just a bit shorter ^^ haven’t tried on DDdy body yet lol. Top has to be worn by removing head first since I did not make a back opening. ^^;

        • Mio Mio
          Mio Mio says:

          Thanks chun! >w<

          *_* You have skills ^^ I'm currently trying to teach myself how to sew pleated skirts… It ain't going so well lol ;A;

          And yes.. The next time I go… I'm heading to Osaka, and The other places I missed!!! *A*)/

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