Taiga Aisaka goes out 9 – Steveston

Ara! A pumpkin!

By now I probably won’t have much time to reply to/approve comments, (internet will be limited today) will catch up when we’re a bit more settled in ^^;/

Almost forgotten that I had these photos on my computer ^^; By the time we get home from the shoots, usually pretty tired and want to crash immediately ^^;

With weather looking like this, how could we not go out and take photos?!

Wandered into a barn selling hay ^^;

Just realised Taiga’s collar looks funny here lol!

Spotted some flowers nearby ^^ Got distracted :P

Clouds started rolling in ^^;

Ara, at a different location nao…

Checking out other residential areas ^^;

Lovely Steveston ^o^

We were actually doing Autumn leaves hunting ^^; but not very fruitful unfortunately ^^;

But at least got some nice photos! :) Please excuse Taiga’s messy hair ^^;

This picture reminded me that day was quite windy ^^; Taiga definitely fell over a few times (eek) and had this instant Ahoge (アホ毛, アホげ) for a moment lol

Posted a few silly omake pix at Figure.fm ^^/

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  1. Densha Otoko
    Densha Otoko says:

    Love her Turtle Neck and Farm Girl outfit . The Background looks so peaceful and beautiful .

    Taiga looks like a Farm Girl in these pictures .

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