Adventures of Mokotan~ 2

Took Mokotan to a birthday dinner ^^ She’s wearing a dress I made for blythe doll many moons back ^^;/

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Adventures of Mokotan~

Looks like Mokotan is taking over the blog for a bit ^^; Sweet husband took me out to dinner and Mokotan (looks like this will be her name ^^;) was the dolly stowaway in my bag :P Some food photos ahead!  You been warned!

Slightly non related, silent auction for Mamachapp is ending in less than a day — 21 July Vancouver 10pm, thank you all for your interest and also those for bidding, good luck!

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Moko chan Mamachapp get!

Um most of you may have known by now that we had snuck off to Tokyo and came back :P
The Blythe Doll Contest results are out today! Warm congratulations to the winners! ;)  And thank you all those who voted for our Glacier Lily! We feel like winners already :D:D!

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Vivi adventures continue…

Before some Vivi photo spam, I want to thank Namo san of d*d*mod for linking up and featuring! :D We are very happy and honoured (^^)/! Domo Arigato Gozaimasu! And Namo san has quite a few beautiful dollfie daughters, do check d*d*mod for more!

This afternoon, I went for a hair cut and after that I went to meet my husband at a bubble tea place near the hair salon. Vivi came along ^^/

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Vivi in the sun

Before I start with the photos of Vivi, I wish to thank (たいたんnoページ) for featuring by linking to some of our doll entries here :D Domo arigato! Thank you those who visited, we hope you enjoy the photos! (^o^)/!

Once a week I go to a mall in our area to help a friend watch their toy shop, during nice weather like this, I try to walk rather than take the bus, it’s good exercise and I get to take some good photos along the way to work. And Oh, Vivi is wearing a test sewing meant for blythe, but turned out fit her better ^o^;

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Vivi and Betsey out and about

Both Vivi and Betsey are wearing my sewing :) Vivi’s actually wearing something meant for blythe ^^

Recently the website for my team’s entry for blythe beauty contest – Glacier Lily, has been updated by our team leader, Yuki, with japanese version and some extra “Making of” photos! ^o^ We were informed by the kind staff of CWC that Glacier Lily has arrived safely in Japan – she will be to be exhibited along with the other wonderful entries at Omotesando Hills and later to be voted on at the exhibition. Online voting will take place from 11:00 a.m. on June 23 (JPT) and voting will close at 5:00 p.m. on July 1 (JPT). Detailed information to come!

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Vivi and Ginny Adventure overload!

Looks like my Mamachapp sisters are taking over the dolly blog (well for now ^^;)
Below is a photo of Vivi enjoying the beautiful day out!

Before I continue with the photos I want to thank for kindly linking up to their blog featuring Vivi and Ginny :D They have many great links to a lot of lovely photos and resources in Japanese ^^/

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Caught in the snowstorm!

Today it was a beautiful day, so I took some dolls with me when we went out and…. clouds started rolling in…

And it snowed and snowed! 

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Vivi’s little outdoors adventure

Today is another amazingly beautiful day :) This time I can’t stay out for too long so only a few quick photos of Vivi :D Vivi is wearing a beautifully made sweater by Betsyjean79 Blythe Knits! I like how some blythe clothing gives Mamachapp (or similar sized bodied dolls) a child like look :D

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Ginny’s great outdoors adventure

Decided to walk to work as I missed my bus — would be later than late if I waited for the next bus so I thought okay might as well bring a doll with me and make the best of it all! Ginny is the lucky grab at the last minute pick of the day ^o^;! 

So glad I brought her out as I managed to take some pictures which I am rather happy with :D

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