Otome Asakura Doll in a new dress

When I opened the envelope and saw the lovely dress made by Plastic Fashion (intended for blythe), for some reason the doll which I bought late last year but never really showed pictures of came to mind.

Otome Asakura is a character from Da Capo 2, which if I did not interpret wrongly it is a girl game?
She can still be purchased from HLJ and I have to agree with their description, her 27 cm Azone Hybrid Active Figure  body is highly posable (check out her sitting with her legs in the “W” shape!).

While I do find her hair a bit dark compared to the original character, I was curious about her face so I bought her implusively ^^; While her clothing are reasonably well made, especially those lace up boots, I think she looks cute out of her school uniform too ^^!

She’s wearing Momoko doll maryjanes over her default white socks which I found hiding inside her boots.

I probably should trim or gel her bangs a bit :P

Actually if I ever have time in (distant) future who knows, maybe I’ll reroot her hair to a lighter colour ^^;

Angle view:

Thanks for looking! Maybe more pix some other time ^^;/

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  1. meimi132
    meimi132 says:

    Totemo kawaii!!! I have the koto Otome figure. And your right, she is from a galge/eroge. And her hair is lighter yeah. But still, very-very cute doll. Mucho want.

    I love how posable the bodies are too. I have two of those kinds of bodies, obitsu. They look like the same type of joints though.

  2. chun
    chun says:

    @Adun hehe when my friend found the character’s actual artwork I was kinda surprised that it look quite different from the doll itself ^^; Currently I think my Mamachapps has really cute face/head shape ^^

  3. Adun
    Adun says:

    Otome is one of my favourite Da Capo girls, but I can’t stand the look of Azone dolls. If there was a dollfie dream version then that’s a different issue.

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