Adventures of Mokotan~ 15 – Spring 2012!

One gorgeous spring afternoon, I took Mokotan out with me and we went to Minoru Park :D Managed to find some plum (?) blossoms and took some lovely photos :3

It was still a bit cold, Mokotan had to keep her hands in her pockets to keep warm ^^;

Not all of the trees are blooming yet, but we can tell that the April Sakura waves are coming, and the March blooms are on their way out :)

Other than me and husband, there were a few people out and about with their huge DSLR and big lenses to capture the blossoms :D

I’m actually using my phone to take these photos ^^; I think some of them turned out quite nice :)! The bokeh effect is lovely, even my husband was impressed XD

Not sure if we missed the baby bunny season just yet, but we did see a few adult bunnies grazing ^^;

Mokotan sneaking up on the bunny… lol

Wait! Don’t go!

The sun was setting later in the day, which is nice :) It feels like we can get more done in the day!

Thanks for looking :D

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