Taiga Grrrr

Sorry for the absence ^^;

Here’s a Taiga :P and a yummy cupcake XP

I’m busy working on a bunch of things, so haven’t have the luxury to sit down to edit pix and write a blog entry ^^; Meanwhile my instagram is quite active, :P

Sharper photo of cupcake under cut lol,

cupcake was kindly brought over from Spiritual Ingredients Bakery by two friends chiseen and Dur who were visiting us earlier in March ^^;

I will be attending BlytheCon Seattle on 2nd August, and Anime Revolution on 22-24 August :D

I also really really want to make some bikinis for the webshop but MAY only be able to take preorders after Anime revolution ^^; Below is Aki wearing the bikini for M-bust, she is in a Dollfie dream single torso ^^

Mirai Smart doll manual version (SDMV) in L bust wearing the same bikini top (lol)  Important bits are covered XD

Muhaha~ thanks for looking!