Taiga Aisaka

Ara? Who’s this shorty? *gets beaten up* x_x

Finally my Taiga (from Toradora!) Mini Dollfie dream is completed! ^^;/ To see some progress for painting the head you can check out this entry – Painting a 3D head on my art blog. :) This entry here is mostly for the completed doll :)

Taiga is glad that her body finally was delivered today :P But as I found out with some online research, her knee and feet are kinda floppy, making it difficult for her to stand on her own ^^; I managed to balance her for a moment tho, and she looks very short and tiny :P I purchased a 2nd hand wig and trimmed the bangs a bit to make it closer to Taiga’s hair style. But my husband felt that her hair colour probably could be a bit darker still?

Borrowed the little tiger from a Taiga figure :3 Taiga also borrowed the armchair made from Matin sensei‘s kit :3 Her clothes and shoes are actually also borrowed since I don’t have time to make new ones yet ^^; I think the top fits Narae, skirt was for a Bee-A body and shoes probably Bee-A as well ^^;


Leaning on the mirror :P

Palm top tiger ^o^


Love her attitude :P

Okay maybe not so much :P

Standing short :P

After all that posing, have to bribe her with something yummy :P

Nyaaaaaaaaaaa! Where’s my spoon?!

If you’re interested in the Mini Dollfie Dream body, there’s a discussion about the “floppy knee issue” going on at my post on figure.fm here, you can find out a bit more information if you read Chibichibiusa’s comments :)

Bonus, Mirin picture ;P

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  1. Poofiemus
    Poofiemus says:

    She looks so cute! I think this is the only head with painted eyes (rather than eyeholes and installed eyeballs) that I’ve actually really liked. I think the fact that the eyes are sculpted in makes the biggest difference; something about the slight inset and curvature makes her face seem that much more alive compared to a flatter head.

    Bummer to hear the floppy knees are MDD-body endemic. :( If I ever decide to get an MDD, though, now I know I need to get those kips too.

    And lastly, are those new eyes for Mirin? They look bluer than previous pictures.

    • chun
      chun says:

      Thank you :) I have heard differing input about her lol! I’m hoping I can find other type of material to be a replacement for the kips ^^; And yes! I need to take better pix of her new eyes ^^!

  2. mai
    mai says:

    woooo!! Taiga-chan XD! How big is mini-dollfie?
    now you need to make Ryuji for her so she won’t feel lonely XD!

  3. chibinezumi
    chibinezumi says:

    wooo!!! She is done! Taiga is amazing ^o^/ The hair color looks pretty good to me and her bangs are very close to the character. Hope to see more of the Tenori Tiger! Great job ^^

    • chun
      chun says:

      Thanks! I am glad you think so :) I think in most of her artwork her eyes (optical ones :P) are bigger ^^; sanding down her lips/nose took a bit longer than expected too ^^; but it was a good experience ^^

  4. anonymous_object
    anonymous_object says:

    Wow, she’s incredibly cute! You did an excellent job with the face painting and the hair seems to be a great match ^^
    I’m so jealous xD I still haven’t made the plunge with Dollfies…

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