Ah has it been a while already since I last took just Taiga out? Anyhows, decided to quickly re-dress her and bring her out on a lovely day on a Sakura hunt! :D

It was a sunny and almost warm day, Taiga enjoyed basking in the sun ^o^

Photo below was taken by pointing the camera blindly, took a few tries before getting it right :P

Gotta tighten her knees a bit again I think to prevent face planting incidences ^^;

Ahhh fuwa fuwa sakura!

Heather bushes :D

Deserted playground :3

It was getting late afterall….

Gotta take some shots of Taiga chan closer to the blossoms of course!

This one is my favourite :D

Omake :P During the earlier shots, it got a bit breezy….. so that = face plant! ( ^^;;; oops) okay not really more like head plant ^^; Luckily she wasn’t injured due to that her wig padded her head/face but I don’t think she was very pleased with me ^^;

Hope you had/am having a nice weekend!
ETA: a few extra photos on figure.fm :)

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20 Responses to Taiga Aisaka goes out 11 – Sakura hunt

  1. Miette-chan says:

    Indeed it had been a while since I last saw Taiga. In that second to last picture it almost looks like Taiga is wearing a crown made of flowers.

    I wish I could out to take figures with cherry blossoms of my figures or Nanoha. Alas, I live in the middle of the desert so I get lucky just finding nice green grass.

    • chun says:

      Heh i think back then the weather out was quite iffy which was mostly why hardly any doll pix ^^; Green grass is nice too :)

  2. Very adorable…heck, even regular DDs and Obitsus faceplant at times. It is testament to the awesomeness of vinyl that they can survive the occasional bump. Resin dolls faceplant too, but they sometimes don’t have the resiliency to survive the bumps.

    • chun says:

      lol well it’s still best not to have them face plant too much ^^;

      • http://www.figure.fm/post/en/8960/A+quick+pic+of+Namiko-chan+s+new+face.html

        This picture of Yamamoto Namiko was taken in the interior court of my apartment building, in front of the oversized planter that used to be a swimming pool. (Better than it sounds, actually, the pool was so gross I never swam in it.)

        She is standing. On her own. No KIPS, no stand, no problem. No faceplants or tipping back…getting her balanced is hell because the big head makes her top-heavy and she has such dainty little feet. The “Vans” style sneakers are good stabilizers though.

        Didn’t Biff do an awesome job on the faceup? Yeah, it’s kinda Haruhi-like but she’s not as scary. She’s just a little bit snarky, a little bit impish.

  3. Ouch, poor Taiga doesn’t like falling down xD

    Already getting blossoms there? Still rather gray here :(
    Anyway, nice pics!

  4. Ex14 says:

    Really like ur taiga! *^* so cute

  5. rockleelotus says:

    yay Taiga is back to her face planting adventures! lol love that cute outfit, she looks great next to the sakura blossoms ^^

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