Made a test Yukata for Mirai as “payment” for helping me model the commission piece featured in the previous entry :) It’s definitely summer now, the weather has been warm enough to wear lighter clothes ^^

Also managed to pull out the umbrella we got from Daiso a while back :P Mirai decided to take a walk outside and enjoy the sun and sights ^^

I almost got ran over by a bike when I took these photos ^^;

But seeing these pictures, I am glad I decided to accompany Mirai outside ;)

She almost fell over a few times in the shots below ^^; luckily I caught her before she face planted :P The umbrella also was being naughty ^^;

Mirai is glad that she had the umbrella, she prefer not to get a tan ^^;

She looks so cute ne? :D

Ah forgot to take a photo of the back of the obi ^^;  think I made the bow a bit better this time :P

See you next time Nyan~!

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24 Responses to Summer Yukata

  1. Smithy says:

    That’s a very sexy yukata design, she looks lovely in it. ^^

    Nice summer atmosphere photos.

  2. Takumi says:

    Hey pupz, make her some Japanese Geta ya~ shes looking real Kawaii~

  3. Nekomimi036 says:

    The yukata looks great on Mirai. She is soo cute indeed! ⌒ ω ⌒ Nice pic.

  4. AnimeAffection says:

    My what a sexy Yukata you have there! ^^

  5. Requiem says:

    Wooooh short!

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