Sailor fuku 2

Seeing Danny’s post on the Japanese school girls’ skirts reminded me that I have some backdated shots which I took featuring Himitsu ^^;

One winter day, there was a rare break of blue sky and some sunlight, I took Himitsu out for a photoshoot… Yes I realise that she’s not wearing a winter seifuku (oops) gotta make her one for the hard work she did for me ^^;

Interestingly enough though, this winter is significantly warmer than the past winters we’ve experienced so far ^^;

Most of the winters it rains a lot, and sometimes crazy snow storms like this… and this… ^^;

Himitsu chan is a professional dollfie model ^^; It’s colder than it looks ^^;

I think I was more conscious about people looking than she was :P

Only snowed where we were for about 1-2 days and melted off within hours ^^;

The plants are confused, sunshine makes it feels like spring ^^;

After the hard work, Himitsu is rewarded with some treats… (erm does that sound wrong? LOL)

Himitsu cannot wait to take a bite ;P

Yummy candy made by talented Rinnacat :D

Also must mention that I took on a commission work early last year (eek) and was interrupted by something unexpected and lost the momentum… Remember the DC seifuku a previous post? ^^; I’m glad I finally completed it and it had reached the super patient dejoker who sent me photos very quickly after it reached him :D Thanks so so much again!

The lovely Haruka outfit which dejoker’s lovely Saber Alter musume is made by him! Look at the bow on the Haruka school uniform, so perfectly tied up (^O^)b! The cute choker on Rin is by dejoker san as well :3

Thanks for looking! :3

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  1. Miette-chan
    Miette-chan says:

    That photo of Himitsu with the flower is pretty neat. I hope to get a sailor fuku for Nanoha someday. If only Azone would cooperate and stock them on some online retailers.

  2. kmyk
    kmyk says:

    “After the hard work, Himitsu is rewarded with some treats… (erm does that sound wrong? LOL)”
    I wasn’t thinking of anything wrong but I’m guessing you were haha XD

    This year’s winter is more like autumn. I’m glad that there’s no snow! I don’t really care about the Olympics haha.

    Don’t you wish the field behind your house was full of green grass though? Maybe it’ll turn that way soon?

    • chun
      chun says:

      lol cos we tend to associate treats with our cats so XD

      I’m kinda glad there’s no snow and I also share the same sentiments with you regarding the Olympics :P I think further up, some of the fields have changed colour, when it’s not raining I’ll try to go to take some photos I think! ^^

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