Puppy Love Warm Winter set – Dollfie Dream Dynamite

9 Dec 2010: Item reached winner safely, thanks so much! ^o^!

After the last set I made for Dollfie Dream L-bust, I found time to tweak the pattern for Dynamite DD pants, and finally finished the set!

The item number on evilbay is 190472405832

Nyanko is such a great model :3

The back of the top can be tuck into the pants for a better look lol

Always seem to need to make the panty twice before I am satisfied with the result… lol

Thanks for looking! :)

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  1. AstroChan88
    AstroChan88 says:

    I LOVE this outfit, and all your outfits, I recently got my first doll and I plan on making lots of clothes for her, though finding and making suitable patterns so far has eluded me, She’s a DDdy, so working with her proportions is a little hard XD, So far I’ve managed to make a ruffled dress, and crochet her a cardigan (both by just eyeballing it since the patterns I made using her measurments just did not work at all) How do you make your patterns? Are there any special tips for making them for shapely girls? Or is there somewhere to get basic DDdy patterns?

    • chun
      chun says:

      Thanks, unfortunately I haven’t settled on a perfect pattern for the DDdy body, their curves are hard to make patterns for and unfortunately there’s no available fool proof pattern out there at the moment ^^; lots of trial and error on my end…

      • AstroChan88
        AstroChan88 says:

        Makes sense I suppose XD Well thanks for the reply! I think I’ll keep you bookmarked, your outfits are so lovely and inspiring!

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