3 Oct 2011:  Items reached the buyer, and I was informed via e-mail~ Thank you so much!

25 Sept 2011: Contact has been made with winner, currently preparing items for shipment, will e-mail as soon as package is shipped.

Auction is completed, thank you everyone for bidding~!

Decided to name this set over the cropped cardigan detail :D Hope you like it~!

 ebay id: 190577993045

Auction includes:

1) Floral print top with long sleeves, please note, it is best to remove the hands before putting it on your Dollfie dream to prevent damage as the sleeves are narrow. Fastens at the back with hook and eye and doll velcro.
2) Lace cropped cardigan with lace wings hand stitched onto the back. Lace ribbon as closure in front.
3) Jeans with working pockets and belt loops, brown top stitching, lined at waistband, made with a slight stretch denim in medium blue. Material tend to photograph a little darker than it looks and does not appear to stain after being worn by my girls for about a week+, BUT I would advice to check it time to time if you intend to let your doll wear it for a while, as I am unsure how humidity in a different country may affect the material.
4) Skirt with elastic waist, fabric purchased from Japan a few years back ^^/ This skirt can be worn by DDII/MDD body as well.
5) Lace choker, fastens at the back with doll velcro.
6) Tie bikini type top, instructions will be given on how to tie the ribbon at the back.
7) White panty with a light pink satin ribbon in front.






















Thanks for looking :)

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14 Responses to Puppy Love Girl with Wings set – Dollfie Dream Dynamite

  1. Trancendentalist says:

    Oh thank you!! Your items are so lovely I would very much want to have a chance at winning them!

    I’ll stay glued to your site!

  2. Trancendentalist says:

    Why is the links to the auction never published? How can I find these auctions when they happen?

    • chun says:

      Sorry! Auction was completed last friday~ ^^;

      • Trancendentalist says:

        Yes I am aware but where would we find the links to future auctions when they happen. They don’t seem to be posted here at this blog or site.

        • chun says:

          Hallo, oh do you mean the ebay user ID? I usually remove links to the past auctions which ended, and I don’t post auctions very often that is why I don’t post it here? If you really want to know, the ebay id is puppychun52

  3. coffeebugg says:

    oooh.. nice set.! And that Lace top is fookin awesome!! nice touch with the wings. =D

  4. The-O says:

    Gorgeous, I hope to see more pants in the future! Still need to get my hands on one >.<

  5. Smithy says:

    Lovely set! Quite like how versatile it is, making it quite worthwhile as you can have plenty of variations with it.

    It does look stunningly cute on Nyanko… can I has Nyanko with it? XD

    • chun says:

      muhaha yes I like sets which can mix and match :D It’s fun to give a different look each mix ^o^

      No Nyanko not included :P You already has Yoko!!! lol

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