Pretty in Pink

Himitsu’s recent dress was adjusted to make it more like a bubble dress :) It’s shorter, flirty-er and cuter no? I also finally made a pair of white thigh high socks for the girls to keep… can you believe I never made a pair for them until now? ^^;

A while back I bought a pair of pink maryjanes, we’re quite pleased with them.

I am waiting on a separate order of different colours so I will write more about them later when they arrive :)

The bottom of the shoes are possibly made of rubber, which gives it a slightly grippy feel, great to hold a pose as seen below :)

Himitsu is standing without touching the wall or with help of a stand ^o^

I better finalise the summer dress pattern before summer is taken over by Autumn ^^;

Thanks for looking! :D

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  1. Billy
    Billy says:

    Ah! She looks adorable in that outfit! The lace sleeves really set it off well. And I wonder why you just suddenly made those socks/stockings….. :D

    • chun
      chun says:

      Thank you :) the lace sleeves are actually a separate piece like a cropped top made a while back ^^ But they do work well at hiding joints and match okay in this assemble ^^ and hahaha I wonder ;P

  2. Miette-chan
    Miette-chan says:

    Every time I get Nanoha to stand by herself, it’s followed by her coming face first every single time regardless of if she is standing a few seconds or a few minutes. I wish more shoes had a better grip.

    I might sound like a broken a record but you really like short skirts on your girls don’t you?

    One last thing, summer dress pattern? Pattern for what?

    • chun
      chun says:

      Aww! But well time to time they do loose their balance, esp if there’s a breeze or if their knee is bent more than we think? And LOL generally if I make test stuff I’ll make the skirt shorter ;) Save some material for the final product ^^;

    • Smithy
      Smithy says:

      For my DD’s it all depend son the shoes and underground, on a flat surface, Yoko’s default boots or large shoes like her sneakers and white boots will let her stand pretty well. ^^ (High heels on the other hand are a sure way to faceplant…)

      • chun
        chun says:

        Oh that’s quite true too :) We have a pair of the plastic(?) white heels, the heel part is not very well positioned so the chances of face planting in those is high >_<

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