Can you spot the differences? :P Luckily today is a bright and sunny day for Winter, good for pictures :3

I have always preferred to have Aki to have lighter pair of eyes, preferably something which look like Rina Ogata’s so when I saw that Parabox has released some new 20mm anime eyes (found out thru flickr), even tho they are different, I had to get some to try ^^;

The 2 pairs of small items arrived in a rather large box, well packed with packing peanuts and bubble wrap ^^;;

Closer look at the purple eye (sorry slightly blurry photo ^^;)

While removing the bottom part with the “stem”, accidentally broke one of them (oops) luckily the important parts are ok ^^;

After removing Aki’s default eyes, I took a quick picture to document and compare :)

Top left is: EY-ABEBR-20 /20mm brown Anime eyes
Bottom left is Yuki’s default grey/blue eyes, size seems to be slightly bigger than 20mm, only comes with White Album Yuki Morikawa, not available for regular sale.
Right pair is:  Animetic Eyes / F Type / Bright Blue (RURI) 24 mm (Himitsu DD04 head is wearing it)

So since Mirin (DDH03) custom head, and Himitsu(DDH04) custom head does not have their eyes got glued into their heads, I decided to let them try the eyes first :3

Mirin (DDH03)… Not so sure, I think I prefer her in the Animetic eyes /F type by volks, it was hard to position her eyes, as with the whites showing she can either look cross eyed or other way ^^; I put her blue eyes back after I took photos…

Himitsu (DDH04) has rather large eyeholes so these showed a lot of eyewhites, but surprisingly I don’t mind it as much, I thought she looks cute and kinda innocent, with a little mischief!

With Aki, I had to first remove her eyes, a tutorial link on volks shows one method. I borrowed a little bit of thinner from husband’s gunpla usage, used a tooth pick to guide tiny bit of thinner between the dried hot glue holding Aki’s eyes in place. Then carefully/firmly push the eye in and removed it. has some pictures here.

Avan also has a link on how he did it here. And thank you for everyone who pointed out the links when I posted a question on twitter :)

**Be warned, thinner and such may remove your doll’s make up if you’re not careful, so use very little of it and try not to touch your doll’s face if your fingers come in contact with thinner ^^;

So, here we have Aki (Yuki Morikawa dollfie dream) wearing Animetic Eyes / F Type / Bright Blue (RURI) 22 mm (Mirin’s “default”) I think these pair make her look foxy ^^;

And so, I decided to let Aki have the brown pair :3 (isnt’ she spoilt? ^^;)

Thanks for looking, hope can be of help if you decided to get some new eyes for your Dolls :)

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21 Responses to Parabox anime eyes

  1. coffeebugg says:

    My god.. Aki is gorgeous. Those bright blue eyes are perfect for her.

  2. kmyk says:

    I really like the purple ones and the bright blue ones. :)

  3. chun says:

    The blue eyes gives her a totally different look ^o^ I should dig out the red set to let Aki try next time lol.

    While I kinda wish the brown eyes are a little lighter, Aki will wear the brown ones for a while now ^^

    and yah that would be nice >_<

  4. Smithy says:

    The animetic F type 24mm look fantastic on Aki, really love that F type series by Volks.

    The parabox eyes look nice but with their round (iris) shape and 20mm size, they’re a bit too small for my taste, I prefer the slightly more oval shaped and larger sized eyes. More moe & cute I guess?

    Indeed Mirin doesn’t look that spiffy in them. Surprisingly even with her large eye holes, Himitsu still wears the purple 20mm ones quite well, she looks cute with them.
    Aki’s original eyes being rather round, these brown ones suit her well too.

    Makes me wish Volks would create a new animetic type inspired on Tony Taka’s style of eyes. Like so: (Safe)

  5. stacia says:

    Himitsu is so adorable with those eyes!!

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