Micro Mini Doll Meat with cats, cakes and tea :3

Had a rather last minute micro mini meet with Archangeli and Gabi! Public transport is not the most convenient here ^o^;> So thanks for coming so far!

It was a fun little meet, Taiga had a smile on her face which she couldn’t wipe off LOL!

Gabi is so sweet! I love her :3 mouth XD

Mmmm cake… :P

Beware of mini cake thief!

The dollies get some snack too lol, me and Archangeli were Ooohing and Aaahing over Snowfern’s work :P

Omake: Ginko and Yoshi crashes the party!

Yoshi manage to steal the show, as always!

Dat face!

Alien cat XD

How to catch one…

Gabi babysitting XD

Think Taiga chan really like Gabi XD Thanks again Archangeli for coming by and for the tea and company ^o^!


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  1. Jezrah
    Jezrah says:

    Soo sweet, and what a cute Yoshi! But I just had to comment because I’m curious who’s peeking out from behind Taiga in the first shot? ^_^

    • chun
      chun says:

      Thanks again for coming out so far into the boonies LOL! We had a lovely time too! Sorry for the princess behaviour by the Princess Ginko XD She’s being demanding now

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