Jeans collection 2012

Random listing(s) will continue late next week~! Thanks everyone who snapped stuff up!

Your items will be packed over the next few days, and shipped latest by weekend of 24/25 November if any sooner I will e-mail you! Or if you buy a second item next week or 2, and just want to combine shipping I will refund the extra shipping amount.

Here’s a preview of what’s coming! Some of you may have already seen my work in progress on instagram. When items are listed I will tweet it on my twitter.

I will be randomly listing some jeans for DDII/DDIII I have been working on in this two weeks and I should be shipping on weekends (the following weekend 24-25 Novemver and after) unless there’s a clear/not too windy day on the weekdays then I can bike out to ship. These jeans are made for DDII/DDIII so they will look a lot more bunched up on the pant leg on DDS (Dollfie dream sister).

Please kindly note these take me quite a while to make each pair, hence the pricing, I am not a factory, and each and every pair is made whenever I can find time and feel inspired to make them carefully.  It makes me very happy when they fit the way I like them to, and it’s a little hard to have to sell them sometimes – my girls want to keep them too! ^^;

These denim have been tested on my girls and does not seem to stain, the dark denim has been tested for at least 1 week plus and no staining on the spare bust (see picture below). I know for sure the medium blue denim does not stain, as I have a pair of shorts for my girls which they wear for months on end without any staining issues. BUT please do not leave them on your girls for long periods without checking. And please do not let them wear dark socks or underwear under the pants!

From our left to right: medium blue with ribbon bow embroidery pockets, middle – dark blue with ribbon bow embroidery pockets and medium blue with heart embroidery pockets.

Please note the jeans fits a little different on DDII and DDIII, the DDIII body seems to be a little thinner around where the groin is.

Mirai Yukino, in medium blue, DDII body.

Front view: Medium blue sometimes photographs darker.

Same jeans as above, back view.


Blue in dark blue, with ribbon bow embroidered pockets, DDII body

Front view, of the same pair above.

Back view again with a closer look at the pockets.


Saya (Sakuya , shining blade) in medium blue, DDIII body.

Back view, same pair of jeans as above.

Omake: ^o^ Saya got a new wig from Miruya :P Not sure how we feel about it yet? ^^;

I know I should make some DDdy jeans as well, but I want to list them on a different time to reduce any confusion about sizing.

Thanks everyone for looking and the interest in the jeans! And as always check twitter for the random listing. It’s hard for me to list at a certain time, unless it’s an auction ^^;

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  1. Mark U
    Mark U says:

    Oooh~! :3 It’s been a while since picked up anything you made. But the shipping costs and time are such a turn off. T^T

    Nonetheless, puppy52 jeans are a must have for any DD parent!

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