When our friend bluestarbaby invited us to go take some outdoor photos in Steveston, we took up the offer without much hesitation! ^o^

I took Himitsu with me this time :)

After lunch in Steveson, I took Himitsu out and started to take photos of her while wandering around the area :D

Luckily it was not super windy… that was why I dare to put Himitsu so close to the edge near the water ^^;

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, there are lots of people around Steveston, enjoying the weekend :)

As usual taking out a 60cm-ish doll attracts quite a bit of attention :P

Himitsu and my favourite summer flower — Daisy ^O^

Himitsu took a stroll next to a bunch of Lupins which was actually the main reason why bluestarbaby invited us out for! XD It was awesome!

Unfortunately we did not anticipate donating blood to the mosquitos =_=

Interesting activities going on in the field nearby :3

Hitomi arrives! Looks like she had became friends with Himitsu in the last few doll meets XD

Baking in the sun ^^;

Himitsu looks very cute and relaxed in the sun ^^;

Looks like a fake tourist…

At this point we were approached by a few people who were asking about our dolls lol! It was pretty neat :P

Hitomi is so cool!

Paying a visit to a hidden nook…

Resting on a bench after all that walking :P

Taking a seat… (What?!)

Eeek! Dollnapper!!!


At this point I think the dollies are tired, and threatened to face plant at least a couple times ^^;

Himitsu is standing rather tall in the shot below XD It was hard to tell if the shot was overly backlit or not, but luckily it turned out okay ^^;

Hope you enjoy these series of photos :) I think it is worth the sun burn (I’m as red as a lobster on parts of my arm and face ^^;) and mosquito bites ^^;

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17 Responses to Himitsu’s Summer Adventures

  1. Pinkwing11 says:

    The sixth picture from the top is my fave :3 <33333
    They look soo cute together :3

  2. Soooooo cute!!! Yeah, time to take some beach pics with Yumiko, Namiko and Z. Maybe at Marina del Rey or the Santa Barbara Marina too.

  3. Smithy says:

    Nice photos! Looks like another fun day out with the dolls to snap lovely shots. ^^

    Seems you have quite a bit of excellent locations for photography nearby though.

  4. yamada says:

    Very nice photos! ^^ btw just want to let you know that I changed my blog url ^^;

  5. Lots of good pics! But you didn’t let Himitsu go for a swim? xD

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