What are we thankful for? Good harvest…

Healthy dollfie daughters…

and… Docking Dollfie Dreams! :P

Omake: Mirai’s wearing that same dress¬†Aki was wearing ^^;

Mirin fills it out in L-bust too :P

Happy Thanks Giving to Canadian peeps :D

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17 Responses to Happy Thanks Giving!

  1. Ex14 says:

    I see Aki is taking a break XDD

    all of chuns daughters are soo pretteh /envies the good genes DD

  2. Smithy says:

    Nice, they look very cute together, my favorite of the two is Mirin though. Those deep blue eyes~

  3. kuraikawai says:

    kawaii! the dress looks great on both chest sizes, it’s the good things about stretchy dresses xD I love the top too! :)

  4. coffeebugg says:

    Happy Turkey Day!!!

    And yes they are very healthy daughters indeed.

  5. Happy thanksgiving to you and your lovely daughters! Nice mini pumpkins heh.

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