Dollfie Dream Bikini 1

Was supposed to make some items for Danny moons ago, but got interrupted over and over ^^;;;

Here we have Mirai Yukino chan modeling bikini top tweaked to replace the one Danny’s girl’s wearing (I heard that the snaps closure was coming loose ^^;)

Mirai’s happy to be modeling this set, tho she sternly reminded me I gotta make some for them to keep ^^;

It was thru that I found out about Dollfie Dreams, I must say they’re pretty addictive ^^; A combination of cute anime faces and ideal bodies… I find that they are idea for girls, as they are rather light weight compared to resin dolls of the same size. ^^

My Mirai’s body is the Dollfie Dream Escalayer body ^^/ I personally like the regular Dollfie body, with M bust as I think they look veryslender and model like ^^

Danny had requested that the revised bikini show more of the body’s assets (which I’m sure you cannot miss…)

In this wig (and body), Mirai looks very mature, don’t you think? She’s my first Dollfie Dream afterall, I got her at the end of 2008, and she welcomed 2009 with us :)


I’m reminded I still need to tweak the pattern of the bikini bottom ^^;

I’m glad I finally kicked my butt to finish up, and looks like it has reached Danny’s musumes safely by now ^o^

Thanks for looking!

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  1. Miette-chan
    Miette-chan says:

    So the snap came loose? I guess Danny’s girls must be growing up XD. I’m beginning to dig the bikini top and hot pants combo on your girls.

    • chun
      chun says:

      hahahaha indeed XD I was rather amused when I heard about the snaps from danny ^^; They musta been drinking loads of milk… lol

  2. lu-k
    lu-k says:

    Really delicious =3
    This set sure looks great. I definitely need to find myself a daughter an dress her up with your clothes! ^^;

  3. spark90
    spark90 says:

    Interesting work on the frontal coverage, is this the finalized form of the bikini top?

    • chun
      chun says:

      This bikini top was actually made for L bust :) I wanted to see how it looks like on the DDdy bust so this photoshoot happened XD

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