Broke down and acquired a couple wigs from Crobidoll, ^^; there was a slight delay due to some public holidays in Korea, but after they shipped it, it reached us quickly :)

Very interesting to see what a wig can do to give a doll a completely different vibe!

In this purchase, we have: CRWL-42 (Powder Brown) and CRWL-42 (Mellow Cream)

CRWL-42 (Powder Brown) looks darker in person I feel, and as most dark wigs, they seem to wash Aki out… Aki looks kinda shy and mousy in it ^^;

It brings out her Parabox anime basic eyes tho!


I think the dark brown seems to fit Himitsu better?

Would you like some tea?

CRWL-42 (Mellow Cream) looks kinda like dark blond in person? The shade photographs close to the Miruya wig This batch of wigs are very fine in texture ^o^ It makes Himitsu look somewhat outgoing no? ^^;

In the photo below, it looks like Himitsu is trying to protect Aki from bullies :P

Had a feeling the Mellow cream suits Aki better… I was right!

Aki feels more confident in it!

A note from some friends about Crobidoll wigs, some of their headcap may stain, but it’s a hit and miss, so please be aware if you decide to buy from them!

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17 Responses to Crobidoll Wigs

  1. Wolfheinrich says:

    Ahhh now I finally got a closer look. Brown eyes on Aki!

    • chun says:

      Yes! :D It’s the parabox anime eyes in brown ^o^ They’re a bit darker than I prefer but will work for now until I find lighter ones (and have funds for it lol) :3

  2. Oooh long curly hair :D Very cute. Anything on Himitsu just looks good I tells ya!

  3. Smithy says:

    The moe… *holds tissue up to stop nosebleed*

    Must agree that the darker wig looks best on Himitsu and the light one fist best for Aki. ^^

  4. OtakuDepot says:

    The “mellow cream” really works better on Aki – You were right on how it changes Himitsu, she does seem more spunky.

  5. Bluestarbaby says:

    I would love some tea served by Himitsu and Aki ♥
    did I mention I love Crobidoll wigs? Unlike some wig companies, they are so “thick?” well made that when you part the hair, you don’t see the headcap.

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