Aki in pink

While Aki looked very good in the default dark brown wig, I felt that it made her look washed out in pictures, so I dug up a pink 8-9 inch LUTS wig which I bought from before to see if it looks okay on her ^^

I recalled having seen on a japanese blog (unfortunately I lost  the link to the webpage ^^;) a Yuki Morikawa dollfie dream trying out a large variety of wigs and looks great in 95% of them XD Luckily this pink wig is one of them XD

I find the back of the wig a bit thick still, so who knows, if I have time later I will trim it a bit ^^;

Still trying to figure out Aki’s personality, want to be sure that the other girls don’t bully her behind my back ^^;

She’s so cute tho, XD

Her blouse is a 2nd test piece I had been working on, it’s still not 100% well fitted (Grrr), it’s fully lined inside to prevent the “see-thru” look lol, I hope to figure it out soon!

Thanks for looking! I hope you like Aki as much as I do XD

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  1. Pinkwing11
    Pinkwing11 says:

    I think the pink wig makes her look more gentle, and it makes the pink in her cheeks stand out a bit more :) not to mention that it matches the outfit you gave her better ^^

  2. Smithy
    Smithy says:

    Oh Aki looks lovely in that pink wig, with that outfit and wig, definitely more fitting and cute than the default darker wig! Impressive! ^^

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