Good day Sir, how can I help you?

Felt inspired to make a maid set outfit last nite, ^o^ Took some quick photos in the day.

Took out the adorable teapot (it’s from a set) for some photos, it’s a little big but so adorable no?

Aki looks so cute as a maid :P

Before adding details to the headband, think headband may look better a bit shorter?


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28 Responses to Aki at your service!

  1. OtakuDepot says:

    Aki looks so perfect! I love how her skirt ‘poofs’ out like that. (haha – can you tell I’m a guy who knows nothing about clothing? – hehe)

  2. Ahaha is this for Sunday? XD

  3. Alpha Machine says:

    Nose bleed***

  4. MacaronTea says:

    Awe’s!!! I simply adore this. :3

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