Taiga Aisaka goes out 4

I know I take her out a lot, but today is special :P

Talented Mai san made a very detailed test jumper which does not fit her Daiya the way she wants it to, so I asked her to let Taiga try it — I told Mai if it fits Taiga, I would like to get it from her ^o^!  The jumper is a bit loose but it made Taiga look so cute, like she’s a little kid :) I was a bit paranoid about staining, so I put a pair of tights on her before letting her wear the jumper. ^^

Taiga hung out with a couple other dolls today, one is Daiya, Mai’s current love :P Mai also made that lovely jumper which Daiya is wearing :D Taiga’s head looks very big here ^^;

The other is a blythe ;) I think her name is Nanakamado? :) We bumped into a blythe collector from Japan when we were preparing our dolls at the library! It was nice :D

While we were balancing our dolls and taking pictures, a curious passerby asked us to let him take pictures of our dolls as well :P

Our dolls look so tiny here ^^; Many people walked past nonchalantly tho lol!

It is nice to discover people who like dolls thru dolls!

We started walking about again to find more places to take photos…

Cute backdrop :D

Daiya seems kinda tired after the long day of photoshoot, we stopped for some thing to drink/nom on ^^

I had a Mocha cafe and shared a chocolate cake and strawberry with Mai ^o^ The coffee was a bit sweet but I kinda liked the cake :3

Hope you enjoyed the photos! You can see more photos at Mai’s broggu too~ Thanks again Mai for hanging out! We hung out with Yuki too but it was more lunch date ;)!

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    • chun
      chun says:

      Mocha cafe was a bit too sweet but the cake was just right (Wonder if the sweetness of the coffee off set the cake’s sweetness?) lol

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