One of my personal favorite mobile suits is Zaku (other than Dom) and imagine my delight when my bossfriend came by and showed us a couple new stuff he gonna eventually have in his shop :P

And yes we had fun LOL

I’ll take one of each please :P

Nice butt!

Special character which I dunno name of ^^; Husband told me his name is Ramba Ral (LOL)

Ball room dancing?

Human hands at play lol


Pyramid stance


Follow the Reader

Zaku line up



New circus act

Talented butt

Nice butt


My goodness


okie thanks for lookin :P

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22 Responses to Zaku Mania!

  1. chun says:

    hehe thanks everyone for the comments~ I gotta go nao ^^;/ more next time :3

  2. Edward says:

    My waifu enjoyed this so much. ^o^ Me too! Zaku is her favorite too.

  3. alafista says:

    Wahaha those zaku are so cute. I want to to own any army of them too ^^

  4. Mitoko says:

    AWWW you posed them sooo cute <3

  5. Hahaha never thought Zakus could be this cute XD
    I am tempted to get this now … but I’ve never really been a big fan of Zaku, except if it’s Lunamaria’s :P

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