A preorder from a while back arrived!

The postman, went to the wrong house =_= luckily the neighbour who got the postal slip kindly gave us the postal slip later… >_<; I actually biked out yesterday, got caught in the rain halfway there and had to take a bus home with strida mini after :P I was lucky the bus driver did not turn me away ^^;

Here we have Puchi Nendoroid Popura introducing her clones :P

The preorder for this set by Chara Many series took a while to be ready, I was caught off guard when I got the request for payment especially with the yen to dollar exchange rate is pretty crappy… ^^;

I recall seeing the Vol. 1 of this Chara Many Series of Popura on galaxypolice’s page and was beating myself up for missing the boat, cos I think I liked it more than this Vol. 2 version. But I decided to preorder Vol. 2 in case I regret not doing so again ^^;

Mmmm quite a lot of packaging >_<; I was at first contemplating just opening 3 of them, but later caved, cos the moar the moar fun for pix! :P

For some reason one of the package for the stand is in a blue colour package?

I personally think Puchi Nendoroid Popura is cuter than these :P I really wish they might consider re producing Vol. 1  (ahem) again :3

Popura chan throwing a tantram when being told she’s tiny and cute :P She’s a senpai you know! XD

kawaii <3

Takusan (many!) Popura chan!

Party around the mini pumpkin XD



:P No worries, Ginko did not touch Popura chan ^^; I said “NO” and Ginko move her paw away :P

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11 Responses to Popura Army!

  1. Miette-chan says:

    These are pretty cute, I can imagine so many mischievous looking pictures to take using the Popura army.

  2. Smithy says:

    So adorably cute those mini Poplars. ^^

  3. puddingcup says:

    Awww! they’re soo cute, congratulation about your tiny army.

  4. yamada25 says:

    There’s Yamada army soon. I thinking to buy that one XD Last two photos are cute!

  5. Shamanweb says:

    So cute army x3

    Will you go for the 2nd version of the army?, i think i saw somewhere that a Yamada army will be released also

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