Thanks to Salica‘s heads up, I managed to get a lovely tea set for my girls!

Had to have Aki transform into Maido chan, especially when I am feeling kinda off colour… I invited her to have some tea with me too ;3

Some details about this tea set, it’s by “Disney Princess and Me”, and apparently it’s not sold world wide in Toys R Us for some reason, guessing copyrights issue?

The LARGE box containing the tea set was a pain to open… there’s no easy opening, I had to use a pen knife to cut the tape all around the corrugated paper box under, then cut some tape around the tabs under a 2nd cardboard under the clear box. Also, the cushioning plastic was very stiff, very hard on the fingers ^^; and pushing out the items make some of the items fly all over the place ^^;;;; so you’ve been warned ^^;

But I guess the end result is nice XD and the box will be dealt with appropriately :P

I recently saw taitan-no san’s lovely cat girl maid post and loved how he had his girls dressed up as neko-mimi (cat ear) maids, ready to serve yummy desserts XD I really wanted the metal(?) tray his girls are using, hopefully I can find it in future ^^;

The tray and items for the Princess and Me tea set are maid of plastic, so they’re rather light, Aki could actually hold onto everything the strong girl… but she has to lean against the wall ^^; (so if you do get a set for your girls, do use a steady stand). The tray looks huge when I show her in full view.

Be careful when handling the tiered cake tray, the bottom half dropped a couple times and the cakes fell on the floor when I held it by the handle :P (oops)

Another thing I like about this set other than it’s light weight, is that it photographs well and looks expensive ^^ I hope to find other type of cakes/pastries for the tiered tray in future :)

After some careful positioning, Aki is able to serve tea for both of us ^o^

After more careful balancing, she’s able to hold the cup and plate as well :3


So sweet!

I intend to add some day photos for this series in time :)

Hope you enjoyed this set of photos as much as I did :3

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22 Responses to Maid Aki and the tea set

  1. Miu says:

    ahhhh this set looks so good ><
    Saku made me buy one for her… XDD
    wonderful photos~ thanks for sharing~ X3

  2. Annie says:

    She looks lovely with her tea set! I would like to enjoy a cup of tea with Aki

  3. Miette-chan says:

    Oh wow, I’m surprised this tea set is the perfect size and looks so good. If I wasn’t all self conscious about playing with dolls and tea set I would buy one.

  4. snowfern says:

    OMG!!! WANTTTTTT GAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Maridah says:

    Thank you for posting about this tea set! I had been wondering where people were getting it since it’s so nicely scaled for DDs. Just ordered a set for my girls ^_^ <3 I love that it even has spoons! I'll have to see if any of the iwako eraser pastries fit on the cake tray.

    • chun says:

      oh! I think the iwako erasers will fit! I saw Salica has some on her trays XD look forward to see your girls playing tea time!

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