Dollfie Dream neck mod

Woot Otacool3 get ^^; Decided to do a dollfie dream mod on Mirin, came across a link on modifying dollfie dream when it was posted by sushi_n_sake on twitter. The link about the mod is for the elbow joint, but I read in one of the comments that it can be done on the neck joint, and decided to try that out :)

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White dresses

Was in the mood for test sewing today, so drafted a pattern for a dress intended for M bust.  The inspiration of the dress was a Momoko doll’s dress from a picture by Emily san ^o^. Found that dress fits the L bust on the DDII body too — which is great! Ended up making another one so I can take a photo of 2 girls together in similar dresses ^o^

Himitsu and Mirin look so sweet in white don’t they? :)

I posted some photos on as well, there’s a polling going on, right at this moment the preference is 50-50 lol!

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Puppy Love Pink & Chocolate set

Documenting photos for a listing for Dollfie Dream DDII normal body (M-bust) ^^;

Auction ended, items been packed, shipping latest tomorrow (Sunday)! Thanks for watching/bidding!

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Pretty in Pink

Himitsu’s recent dress was adjusted to make it more like a bubble dress :) It’s shorter, flirty-er and cuter no? I also finally made a pair of white thigh high socks for the girls to keep… can you believe I never made a pair for them until now? ^^;

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VanDusen Botanical Garden Doll Meet 2010

Glad that I was able to join a carpool with Bluestarbaby and 2 friends to go to the meet at VanDusen Botanical Garden!

I brought Himitsu and Mirin with me and the theme of the doll meet was Masquerade + Summer

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Summer in yellow

Catching up with a piece of work I am making for PrettyCranium :)  Sorry to have kept you waiting ^^; Glad I finally got to it!

Below is the first test piece, and the pattern was still being tweaked at this stage. I did not use the fabric chosen for the dress also to be sure I can tell them all apart later ^^

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Super Dollfie dresses

Made a couple Super Dollfie sized dresses with a couple edited patterns based off some Dolly Mooks I have.

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Dollfie Dream Bikinis 2

Another batch is coming! I wanted to list some today but after sewing a lot of the metal hooks and loops onto the bikini tops I had to take a break from it all, I try to be careful but my fingers were pricked time to time by the needle and are quite sore still ^^; But the results… <3!

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Sailor fuku 3

On a sunny summer Saturday, I decided to revisit the sailor fuku outfit I made earlier in January – can been seen here and here.  Himitsu beckons us to join her at the playground :)

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Dollfie Dream Bikinis

Work in progress ^^;;; trying to figure out details, pricing etc ^^; Can’t wait to show them tho! :P Not sure if Dollfie Dreams in tiny bikinis are considered safe for work or not, so hopefully no one gets in trouble from viewing this ^^;

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