Been a while since I attended a doll meet (meat?) of a slightly larger group, was glad to be able to join a car pool with some friends :D

I brought Taiga, Himitsu and Mokotan (in other photos) this time :3 The gorgeous boy in red shirt belongs to bluestarbaby, his name is Jiro! ^^

Hitomi, as lovely as always :) She scored some lovely clothes from taiwan I heard :3

Unoa Sist as a really cute “Mummy” XD

Haruki got bullied…

Taiga sassy as always ^^; I damaged her little wings during transit so she was mad at me >_<

Awesome tattoo

Lightning Sabre went too lol Mokotan met Azunyan ^o^

Aki stole/borrowed Hitomi’s dress lol! Too bad I made Aki’s white dress a bit too tight — it was hard to get it over her hips ^^; so I didn’t let other dolls try it (most of the resin doll’s hips seems to be bigger than the DDII hips)

Jiro is so gorgeous! He stole the show ^^;

Such a cute Alice <3

Moar Jiro :P in borrowed wings lol

Aki’s white dress was made very last minute– the night before lol so it was not well made XP

Was joking how Aki, Jiro and Taiga looked like a family going trick or treating :P

Aki’s wearing a lovely necklace by bluestarbaby

Mokotan made another new friend ^^;

Resin ikemen pile up

Really neat wig ^o^

Group picture  of most (not all) of the dolly attendees :)

For the whole set you can check it here on flickr ^^/ Be warned tho, some poses of the dolls may not be SFW despite no real nudity :P

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14 Responses to Ball joint doll meet – Halloween

  1. Wow you know everybody’s name ^^; And Mr. Gundam also did a princess carry on Mokotan!? That two-timer! Azunyan will have to scold him next time :P I was very impressed with Necros’ tattoo. I had to take a picture of that as well!

    • chun says:

      Actually I don’t lol, I can definitely see Azunyan scolding Mr. Gundam, and he’ll have to wear apron and do housework all week :P

      • Well I mean you seem to know all the doll’s name at least XD Yes, Mr. Gundam is in the doghouse after this… Or Bothouse?

        • chun says:

          hahaha well I know the flickr of bluestarbaby, so I can at least double check, I forgot if she named her Unoa tho ^^; Wonder if Mr. Gundam gonna be in dog house for a while LOL

  2. polty says:

    Aki’s dress is wonderful ! fits her perfectly (eyes and all)~
    love that pohto of mokotan x3 it looks very.. romantic LOL
    she seems to carry her broom everywhere xD

  3. Ex14 says:

    haha aki and taiga looks soo cute tgt XDD aki is soo dreammmyyy @_@;;;

    O and poor lightning saber, losing sleep over azunyan….editing her pictures XDD;;;

  4. I spy an Azu-nyan ^^. Lots of cute dolls at this meet indeed.

  5. Miette-chan says:

    I think I’m love with Aki right now, that angel look totally gets me. Too bad Taiga’s wings got damaged on the way.

    On another note, I think Hitomi is the first non DD BJD that really caught my eye.

    • chun says:

      Hehehe Aki’s heart stealer LOL I’ll have to fix/remake Taiga’s wig ^^; And Hitomi’s make up I heard is modeled after a real asian actress (not sure which tho), she photographs very well ^o^!

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