Today it was a beautiful day, so I took some dolls with me when we went out and…. clouds started rolling in…

And it snowed and snowed! 

They look like they were crying when we got back into the car ^^;

I put them both on a piece of tissue to absorb the melted snow ^^;

Bonus video:

Before snowing it was a beautiful day o_o

Yesterday (Saturday) the weather was great tho ^^ The forecast said it would rain/snow :P It was cloudy sometimes but the sun peeks out once in a while. I also took Vivi and Ginny out, but no time to do much with them cos was busy with a project ^^;

Worked from day to night :P Ginny is wearing glasses from borrowed petite blythe.

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11 Responses to Caught in the snowstorm!

  1. chun says:

    @Akari lucky indeed! When I was in Japan I couldn’t find any mamachapps at all so I am very thankful that my friend was willing to sell her to me ^^;

  2. Akari says:

    Aww lucky ^^;

  3. chun says:

    @Akari I got mine from a friend who went to doll shows ^^;

  4. Akari says:

    Kawaiiii~! Wanted a mamachapp for a while…where did you get yours?

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