Moko chan Mamachapp get!

Um most of you may have known by now that we had snuck off to Tokyo and came back :P
The Blythe Doll Contest results are out today! Warm congratulations to the winners! ;)  And thank you all those who voted for our Glacier Lily! We feel like winners already :D:D!

Near the end of the trip, I happened to scored a Mamachapp at Nakano Broadway — most likely 2nd hand for a somewhat reasonable price for this particular Mamachapp. I had seen her a while back on YJA for around $400-ish, then she disappeared for the longest time ^^; I thought I’ll never acquire one, since I am not very likely to spend that amount on a 21 cm doll ^^;

The amount I paid is unfortunately still quite painful to my finances but the pain was numbed by the joy from finding her by sheeeeeeeeeeer chance ^^;;;;!  But in near future I probably have to kick my butt to rehome some dolls or stuff ^^;

Anyways on with some more adorable pix :D Moko tan’s wearing a lovely outfit made by Yuki for Vintage Licca, but happen to fit her slim obitsu body ^o^

Moko tan says herro to my brother in law’s furry daughter ^^;/

BBQ at brother in law’s place ^^ they have a fantastic view as they live further way from the busy town center ^^

Brother in law’s place always have fun things around acting as neat props :P

My favourite has to be this one! It’s drinks coaster XD

Fuwafuwa (fluffy) buns ^o^

Dinner after working at my friend’s shop ^^

Waiting for Vietnamese vermicelli dindin ^^

Moe pose? ^^;

Couple bonus pix: Mirai in Dynamite body happen to fit one of the test blouse I made for L bust quite nicely ^^; The nipple bits doesn’t fit exactly where the darts ends, but they are hidden behind the collar ^^;

She love her new toy ^^;

Thanks for looking :D

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    • chun
      chun says:

      me too! O_O the time I found out about her she was already long sold out at the official site ^^; and she was starting around 20,000yen and slowly rose to 40,000 yen (I lost hope by the time :P) so glad I found her ^^;

  1. meimi132
    meimi132 says:

    Lassie!!!! I love Sheepdogs. So cute, apparantly not too child friendly, but that wouldn’t bother me one bit lol

    Glad you finally got what you wanted! Sometimes that the way of things.

    • meimi132
      meimi132 says:

      Border collie!! Thats the breed, I couldn’t remember specifically, but saw it in the comment above mine lol, thx coffeebugg!

      Although, that dog seems a bit small compared to your Mamachapp, is it a Shetland Sheepdog? That was my intial thought actually…

    • meimi132
      meimi132 says:

      Just one more… now know for sure that its a Sheltie, since it aint a border collie, just a collie, not a lassie, but a mini lassie lol. Collies faces are longer, and bigger dogs all round than Shelties.

      Hope thats the last correction I make for myself hehe.

      • chun
        chun says:

        lol and yes she’s a sheltie :) she’s very fluffy ^o^ and yes I got Moko chan but will definitely have to sort some stuff out to let go ^^;

  2. FatB
    FatB says:

    Waa? You were in Japan?
    Great to hear you found holy treasures on your adventures there. She’s is very cute indeed.
    Man, I don’t think I’ve ever ventured that far out from that town center. I always head the other direction ^^;
    Chicken prop is awesome, and I want that hamburger coaster set. Where to get??

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