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I wanted to make a set for ebay every other month but I missed one month ^^; Anyways started to work on a set for Dynamite body, I photograph each item whenever I get natural light and really enjoying having Nyanko model them :) there are still small details I want to put onto the items, so you’ll see it all when everything is ready :) Meanwhile I hope you enjoy the photos of adorable Nyanko <3!

Initially I made a white top intended for the set, but accidentally made it a bit shorter than I like ^^;

I took some photos but the backview/side turned out looking better :P

The curves of the dynamite body is hard to sew for ^^;

Next I made a long sleeved top ^^ This fabric unfortunately is no longer reprinted, from what I gather from the fabric store >_<; It’s probably same series as the blue floral fabric I made some peasant tops with the last time…

Back into the sewing dungeon ^^;


Over last weekend, I went to another Blythe doll meat at Queen Elizabeth park, we had a wedding theme going on so I made a white wedding gown like dress for my blythe I brought with me :)  It was a beautiful colourful summery afternoon!  I was happy to meet some friends I haven’t seen in a while and got to know some of my newer blythe friends a little more!

I took my bike as well and got semi roasted when I was riding it back to the skytrain station lol! Also realise I am still rather out of shape LOL!

If you like blythe dolls, you can check out the series of photos on the flickr set I tagged with the meet or click on the image below :)

Thanks for looking~!

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  1. Heather
    Heather says:

    I really love the little hearts on the pockets of those jeans too <3 So cute! I love the long sleeved top as well… You are amazing!!!
    (haha, and I was out of town for your sales… my timing is awful, LOL)

  2. Ann
    Ann says:

    You are a wizard with the needle! It looks fabulous! Are you sure you don’t have a shrinking machine hiding in your closet somewhere?

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