Clash of the Titans?

(Take note: Taiga’s dress is produced by Doll heart)

Taiga: I’m better than you cos I got Chun to buy me new clothes!

Himitsu Suzumiya: Oh yeah? I got Chun to MAKE me new clothes!

Taiga: Mine’s newer!
Himitsu Suzumiya: …

So who wins? ^^;;;; I haven’t the heart to tell Taiga the clothes are 2nd hand ^o^;;;

This outfit is a Doll heart outfit which is no longer in production ^^; A friend happened to be re-homing it, and I got it in time for Taiga ^^;

Mokotan scored a hat from tibiloo too :3

Thanks for looking! :D

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18 Responses to The show down

  1. Pinkwing11 says:

    Wow, that dress is soo CUTE! >3<

  2. Ex14 says:

    lol, if taiga had her bokken she would win hands down ^_^;;;;

  3. Miette-chan says:

    Remember when Taiga and the president fought? I feel sorry for Himitsu.

  4. I say Taiga-chan wins hands down ;)
    Hmmm, that Haruhi outfit looks quite nice though…

    How about both of them? xD

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