Mirai Suenaga Winter Uniform 2

Documentation of a commission piece for Danny, Winter uniform M-bust version~

I forgot how long this one takes me to make, seems to mainly due to the pieces I need to hand sew right at the end lol!

It’s a bit hilarious when I was close to finishing but my slow hand sewing makes it seems far :P I am pleased with the final result tho!

AND I know I said a few times before I will put a set up (Mirai Summer Uniform L bust)  for auction, but I haven’t finish it (I have started on it!)

Now that this is completed I can focus on some other things I had to push back ^^;

Thanks for looking! :)

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  1. Heather / you_were_almost_right
    Heather / you_were_almost_right says:

    Beautiful, as always. Your work is always so lovely and has such crisp clean lines to it, and such a wonderful shape.

    I can only imagine all the hand sewing you had to do… and omg, yes it’s slow… heck, I’m hand sewing Pure Neemo shirts and it’s taking me forever!!!

    The end result is amazing though, the outfit looks lovely, and I can’t imagine Danny will be anything but thrilled.

    I’ll bet the one you put up for auction will get crazy with the bidding!!!!
    http://majokkoshop.blogspot.com (the dolls have a new blog :P )

    • chun
      chun says:

      Thanks! I dislike hand sewing as there’s high a chance of me poking my fingers unless I am feeling very relaxed >_<; But a lot of the time some hand sewing is needed for the precision on details... As for the set for auction, that is if I finish it ^^;;;;;;;; I have to stop talking about it until I'm actually done and ready :P I added your new blog to the links page (Currently it's at the bottom ^o^;>)

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