Mirai Suenaga Dollfie Dream cosplay

A little late, but it’s still March 3rd in Vancouver! In celebration of Danny’s sweet Mascot Mirai Suenaga’s birthday, I have Aki chan wear the test version of Mirai Seifuku I made many moons back for a quick photoshoot — the final version belongs to Danny’s lovely musumes which you see time to time on his broggu :3

Have always wanted Aki chan to cosplay as Mirai, but Arayden beat me to it with his peachy pai version, he also has a custom Haruka Suenaga DD as well ^^ please note I did not make the costumes on his girls ^^;/

Usually test version have mistakes which I need to avoid the next time I make a same one… and time to time I do forget how much work/effort needed to make just a set ^^;

The worst is still, cut out many pieces for remake and realise it doesn’t work properly the 2nd time it’s made = mega wastage of time and materials ^^;

Really like Mirai’s seifuku design and colours :3 really eye catching when taking outdoor shoots ^^

This is probably one of my favorite shots :3

Aki looking hopeful? lol


Really glad today was a lovely day! The forecast said it was gonna rain ^^;


Dragged Nyanko into the shot :P

Nyanko looks nice in the dark reddish brown crobidoll wig ^o^


Aki wearing Nyanko’s “default” to compare the shades ^^

Thanks for looking :D

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