It was a busy month!  It’s still very busy at the moment, with Blythe con coming up very very quickly (eep) and quite a few visiting relatives last month, I had no time for blogging ^^;

Some items came in the mail during the period of busy, only have time to take photos nao :P

Aki is wearing a wig from Sunny’s Wonderful World, the source was kindly pointed out to me by someone on (sorry I can’t find the post  at the moment, will link up when I do ^^;) and cool cat eyes type RD-06 in orange red.

I like how the eyes are a bit lighter than the Parabox anime eyes, tho I think I may like it more if it showed a bit more eye-white?

Aki look more intense with the new eyes I think ^^;

Dress is a quick test of an idea, it used a lot of fabric ^^;; Lovely necklace by bluestardolls :D

Hope to have more photos to share when I have time!

23 Responses to Long time no Aki

  1. PrettyCranium says:

    Lovely Aki! She looks so cute. The dress is amazing, I want one!

  2. Galamirix says:

    Akiiiiii~! Truly it has been a long time. Everything about Aki right now is awesome. I’m really liking the wig and the dress. Did you make the dress? Me should bring Kudo over someday and have photo session yes?!

  3. Max Archer says:

    Nice seeing Aki again, she makes everything look great! We got some of the WD-type eyes and they’re kinda freaky looking because they don’t get dark at the top. We’ll have to try some more of them.

    • chun says:

      I got a couple of the WD type too I think, I lent one pair out to a friend’s DD XD tried a pair of blue ones on Aki, she scared me LOL

  4. Haku1923 says:

    Whoa…the wig and the eyes both look very natural/human-like and goes well together :3 The eye could tho use a bit more white like you said^^;

    • chun says:

      Thank you! ^o^ I am quite pleased that I can now see more colour in her eyes ^^ hopefully cool cat will consider making a smaller pupil for that eye design in future ^^;

  5. Otakusan says:

    WOOOOO long time no Aki (^^) and here she is again, striking my heart XD Love the new eyes, she looks more mature with them.

    • chun says:

      XD could be the hair too? this pair of eyes make her previous “default” hair kinda pale, very interesting to see how eyes/wigs can make a big difference (at least for me!)

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