Haruhi Suzumiya dollfie cosplay

Himitsu was nagging me about this for a while now (since last year) so in between other sewing I worked on this North High (Haruhi’s school) uniform so that Himitsu can cosplay as Haruhi ^^;

It’s not completed yet: I probably need to remake the skirt but the main part – the top is done ^o^

Almost forgot to make the arm band :P

Too bad it’s late by the time I was done ^^; No day light photos :P

I wonder if this top will fit the L bust? Will have to try it sometime, right now this outfit has to be worn by removing the head (which can be a PITA), so I’m a bit lazy to take it off to try it on an L bust for now ^^;

The logo is hand stitched :P so maybe a bit funky ^^;

Couple pictures below is by Lumix, Himitsu looks slightly distorted lol

Himitsu Suzumiya says, do not forget to go to bed! ;P

Thanks for looking ^^/

ETA: Day photos taken before I went out ^^;

Hey you! Enough!

Muuuhuhuhu… what can I make Chun get me…..

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    • chun
      chun says:

      I haven’t seen the original volks version so I wouldn’t know? But thru photos I think they got the details pretty good themselves too ^^

  1. chibinezumi
    chibinezumi says:

    yes she is definitely channeling haruhi now, the hands on the hips, the pointing finger… Himitsu come back to the light!! nice job on the seifuku, really looks like haruhi! ^^

  2. lightningsabre
    lightningsabre says:

    Oooh cute! She looks like the maniacally smiling Haruhi who’s about to do some blackmail XD Though I’m in melancholy now since there’s no chance of a Rei Dollfie…….

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