…for Danny Choo’s lovely Dollfie Dream musumes – Saber and Aoi chan really ^^;  As you can see, final product is slightly different from the original finalised sketch, but thankfully Danny approves! Just mailed it out today, but got green light to post about this ^o^!

Favorite pose of the lot ^^ Taking pictures by a mirror is nice, cos it feels like I have a 2nd doll ^^;

Back view… I ended up not adding the blue buttons at the back from the original sketch idea.

Before I was about to complete the set, Danny requested for a matching hairband, which I think is a fabulous idea!

I think Mirai chan is a little sad that she is not able to keep this dress, and I am running low on that particular lace, gotta try to find the same or similar lace sometime ^^;

I don’t have enough time/hands to make too many doll sewing just yet, sometimes I have a few projects here and there which is taking forever to finish ;_; but cannot resist the idea of making this particular commission! ^^;

Danny is a pleasure to work with, he allows me some free reign where the actual design is concerned! ^o^ Mirai is posing innocently in front of my shelf of neglected dolls ^^; (mostly Blythes in the background :P)

I ended up making the sleeves separately, the dress can be worn without the sleeves for a different look too ^^/!

Danny likes to see lots of oppais (bosom) ^^; and requested short skirtsu ^^;

Well short skirt shows lots of legs :3

Currently I’m keeping a handful of people waiting, with some random projects (1-2 illustrations, some doll sewing eeeck!) — I didn’t forget!!!

Even spreading this sewing project out with an actual dateline — mostly to see how fast I can finish making test pattern, figuring out some parts of the design took me about 2 weeks in between work and life, but I most likely have at least a day per week to sew around September of this year! ^^

I write again when things are more settled down or when some doll sewing for sale/auction (more likely the latter!) ^^/ Thanks again for viewing! And oh, I finally sorted out a tab for some previous tutorials, hope to add more in future! ^^/

ETA: Thanks Danny for hijack of news post! :3
Forgot that I had these few more pix ^^;

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28 Responses to Mirai Maid outfit completed!

  1. chun says:

    @Arayden lol! well Danny wants to see pais ^^;;;;;

    @Madi-chan you can find them at volksusa.com or ebay ^^/

  2. Madi-chan says:

    Iwas just wondering,but where can you buy a dollfie online in the US?

  3. Arayden KOGs says:

    Oh my. Instant approve :D

    The only bad side to it is…

    well.. people will concentrade more on looking at the pais :D .

    And that, you’ll going to need to provide Yukino with a bra at least.. :p


    On a unrelated note, it’s time to adopt nanoha :d

  4. chun says:

    @lightningsabre oh thank you! :D

    @Poofiemus oooh i see i see!

    @Kitty thank you :) glad you think so! looking forward to see it ^^/

    @whyiloveacting thank you :)

  5. whyiloveacting says:

    OMG! she looks great!

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