Dynamite Dollfie Dream skirt

Which length do you prefer?

Cute and playful mini skirt on Nyanko? Or elegant and mature above the knee skirt on Mirai? :) I started a poll on figure.fm ^^/

Extra photos added under cut :)


ETA: made an in between length and had Nyanko model all of them for consistency ^^;

Also tried tucking in the blouse for a different look ^o^

Party nyan?

Love my girls <3

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  1. billy
    billy says:

    Wow, thats a difficult decision Chun! Nyanko definitely has the better shirt, that is just stunning! but I think I prefer the more mature look and the longer skirt. But that’s prolly because I own so many short skirts now! I’d love that shirt on Nyanko and the longer skirt as a set. Manami would have a fit if she got something that cool.

    • chun
      chun says:

      Hey Billy :D Thanks for your feedback! ^o^
      Heh one of my customer was saying that I should try to do something with some type of lottery hopefully to give a fairer chance for buyers ^^; so hopefully I can figure it out! XD

      • billy
        billy says:

        That’s actually a pretty good idea Chun. I know you benefit from a bidding frenzy on ebay but not all of us can spend hundreds on your awesome creations. I think a lottery would be very cool and fair as well. Keep us updated because I’d love to own more of your creations! :)

  2. polty
    polty says:

    after hours party look or office lady > _ <
    i want both x3
    office lady looks more elegant, but i wonder what interesting things you could do with a set with that short skirt :3

    • chun
      chun says:

      haha you’ve got it, definitely after hours party/office lady ish lol

      I think both have potential? I may try to ask again on figure.fm ^^; hard to telly the votes

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