I was reminded why I try to avoid using dark materials to make dollfie clothes the hard way ^^; When I was going to change Mirai’s clothes I realised Oh noes…. Stain!!!! o_o;;;;;

Quickly made Mirai’s body a pair of pantyhose to cover up for now, as the pimple cream I use to treat doll stains is conveniently MIA at the moment ^^;

***Some NSFW dollfie part/pantsu images after cut!

I stupidly let my guard down as I made a pair of pants with this same dark grey/blue material and black thread and there was no staining at all, so I am quite puzzled as to why this happened this time when I made a skirt with the same material and thread. ^^; *scratch head*

The only conclusion is that perhaps the way I posed Mirai for the last week or so, the black thread was pressed against the front and side parts of her thighs and she was in that pose for at least a week+ ^^;.

I’m still kinda puzzled why this happened, since the very fitted dollfie pants I made, she wore it for at least a month or longer and no staining!
(old image below – taken on November 21)

These pants were made really tight fitted too so I’m seriously confused lol!

Does your dollfie suffer from any accidental stains? Do you take precautions –  example full body panty hose etc or fix it after it happens?

Hmm think I made the ankle parts too tight :P

Mirai completely took over the camera ^^;

Mirai slightly annoyed with me… you think? ^^;

Meanwhile, gonna think about something to match with these grey pantyhose :3

I will update again if/when the stains get removed ^^; Fingers crossed!

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21 Responses to Dollfie staining

  1. kmyk says:

    ooooo staining. >___< I hate that you don't know why it happened too. Makes you paranoid @___@ but at least you know it's clearly the thread that's causing it. I think I agree that the leggings are too tight around the knees, the joint part is really apparent.

    • chun says:

      and yes now I’ll have to make a permanent note to remind me NOT to use black thread to sew the area which touches the doll direct o_o; thankfully re-making the tights is not difficult lol

  2. moemoekyun says:

    oh my a lot of trouble take care of dollfie @_@ uguu make me think once again to get one ^^;;

  3. Ultimaknight says:

    Why I am going to try to get the natural color body stocking from the Volks USA site tomorrow =3

    Always worried about dark colored clothes on my girls ^^;;

    • chun says:

      hehe good dollfie papa! :3 I am generally quite worried about the dark fabric staining as my blythe dolls, their limbs (arms legs) could get stained easily too, makes me a bit paranoid for a while ^^; This time, even worse LOL

  4. Miette-chan says:

    That has happened to my, although looking at Nanoha’s stocking that big black band is a pretty dead give away. Right now she has a dark skirt, but all the lining is with a white thread, and the skirt puffs out so I’m hoping she will be ok.

    At the very least I have pimple cream readily at hand if anything happens.

    • chun says:

      Oh dear ^^; Now I gotta find a way to line the skirt without the black thread in direct contact with the legs ^^; it’ll be tricky and unfortunately adds bulk to the skirt =_=

  5. I’ve never seen blue-coloured pimples before… Or are they tattoos? :P Anyway… hope you find that specific cream and get Mirai on your good side again.

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