Lookie! Nao Mirai has a sister (maybe?) :3!

The husband got me a blank head as a late birthday present and I finally got around messing with it. It’s a tricky process as I needed to spray a coat as a base to protect the vinyl from being stained permanently, let that dry before I can paint on it etc etc. Had to remove my attempts a few times before I finally got this.  Not sure if she’s gonna keep the look but it’s good for now :)  Her eyes are temporarily stuck on, I need to find some kneadable eraser or white bluetac soon ^^;

I wish I gave her a bit more eyelashes on her top lid :P but I like how she looks soft and sweet :)

She has the same head mold as Yukino which is the HDD-03 / Eyeholes Opened, and Animetic Eyes / H Type / Bright Green (WAKABA) in 22 mm


Mirai chan looks a bit more playful with company and shorter wig :P She looks like she’s saying,”Hey don’t forget I’m here okay?!”

An extremely helpful pictorial guide by Aquilla on how to install/change Dollfie Dream’s eyes.
Also recently came across a pretty good entry about putting on protective headcap for Dollfies :)

Edited to add a few more photos ^^/ Finally got some adhesive putty for the eyes :P

While I haven’t decided on her name, I decided she’ll probably have the dynamite body and the longer wig :P

Also not sure what their relationship is yet ^^; Sisters? Friends? :P

Would most likely change Mirai’s (optical) eyes in future ^^;

posted a few moar at figure.fm :D

Bonus Moko tan wearing tee-shirt for vintage licca by Yuki ^^/

ETA: One Mamachapp for adoption~!

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33 Responses to Dollfie Dream make up test 1

  1. Mimi says:

    WOW I can’t believe how amazing she looks :’O!!! Sooo professionally done and so beautiful, I am so amazed and speechless x’D
    (´・ω・`) woowwwww

  2. タケル~ン says:

    Very cute. So technically, the new head is “custom-made”? It’s very well done! ^^

    • chun says:

      It’s more custom painted :) as I did not do any extra like carving and what not ^^ Unfortunately I feel that if we look at her close up I still feel that the make up can be better ^^; But will leave it for now ^^;

  3. coffeebugg says:

    I got most of my tips from Aquilla as well. What do you use to remove stains?

    I wonder if I should put up a how to for my budget “cling wrap” wig cap.

    Oh and how about naming Mirai’s twin as Miria? they’re twin’s so to speak. :P

    • chun says:

      We’re so lucky that she has some knowledge about Dollfie dreams! and Oh I use pimple cream to remove, but it can take a while ^^; Unfortunately that name will probably become tongue twister/confusing lol

  4. kodomut says:

    I love the shorter haired one!

  5. yamada says:

    green eyes is Yukino and brown eyes is Mirai, got it ^^b they look twins but I can tell the difference by their eye color.

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