Dollfie Dream cap

Documenting some sewing (top and shorts) which I listed on Artfire, along with a test piece – a cap which is currently being adjusted.

Currently I feel that the beak of the cap sticks out a bit too much making it look a bit too big ^^;

The cotton fabric of the blouse is by Sevenberry and is made in Japan. Very nice quality and soft to the touch.

The print is very delicate and sweet as well :)

With the cap, Himitsu looks slightly tomboyish no? The beak of the cap looks huge here…

Himitsu looks bery cute today! (squee!)

Back view:

I’ll have to make a set with this fabric to keep ^^; Or the girls are gonna hurt me lol!  Thanks for looking!

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  1. James H.
    James H. says:

    You are getting so good at these blouses. She does look a little tomboy-ish with the hat but it’s very cute.

    • chun
      chun says:

      Yes! It’s super girly :) it was quite expensive but I am glad I bought it lol hehe I always liked this type of caps :D

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