Thanks! Currently all gone, processing orders over the weekend!

Those who purchased the items, thanks for the very quick payment!  Kindly note also it is a long weekend in Canada (Monday is a holiday), so there may be a delay in postal processing as well ^^;

I’m thinking of making bikini sets for next batch of items after these ones are processed :) so stay tuned! Also want to make more hot pants for DDII ^^;/

Here’s just some photos which I took for documentation purpose ^^;

Nyanko, Dynamite body

Mirai, Dynamite body

Himitsu, DDII normal body M-bust (yet to list)

Thanks again for your support!

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18 Responses to Artfire stuff

  1. OtakuDepot says:

    Hi Chun – I got the blouse (pink w/ white polka dots) I ordered from your first round of sales. It looks fantastic, even though I don’t have my daughter yet to try it out on :) (I should find out Monday if Sakura is in my future) :D

    I also love the thank you card you send with it. I’ll be sure to get some more outfits in the future.

    thanks again!!!

    • chun says:

      Oooh good luck with Sakura! She seems rather sought after huh? I am glad it reach you safely and very happy that you let me know :)

  2. spark90 says:

    that top with the dynamite body looks immaculate!

  3. LantisLT says:

    Missed the first listing and this time only got hotpants, which mine Yoko was eyeing. She’s super happy now.
    Hopefully next time won’t miss other items.

    • chun says:

      Thank you again! :D I hope to learn more about how I should list stuff thru these experiences and serve you all better :)

  4. chibinezumi says:

    Wow those blouses are great! love the contrasting bows! ^^
    I think everyone has their eyes on a pair of Chun’s hotpants!!……(hey wait that sounds a little dirty LOL!) After three tries I managed to make a simple skirt with elastic but it is still uneven. I’m really proud that its looking like a skirt though!

    • chun says:

      Hey thank you! :D Aw! I hope you’ll continue to make clothes for your girls, it’ll get better over time! ^O^

  5. ResearcheDD says:

    Sasara cannot wait to get her little hands on her new hotpants!

    I don’t mean to pressure you but she won’t leave me alone about a new blouse :D Thank You!!!

    • chun says:

      thanks! and haha ^^; sorry, there’s only one of me ;_; I want to eventually list items as a set of sorts sometime, but I’m not making them fast enough ^^;;;;

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