Aki at Shinjuku Koen

Supplies! (25 Nov 2011)

Moar photos taken in Japan, the strange thing is there’s always a paradox feeling with regards to our favorite place – Japan, I thought I took a lot of photos, bought a lot of things, yet when I look back it just doesn’t feel enough?!

When I was taking this photo, a lady asked me for permission to take photos of Aki :P

At first I thought she was a Japanese, but it turned out that she was Chinese — she spoke Mandarin other than Nihongo lol! I think if my memory did not fail me, she asked me where I bought Aki and I told her the brand ^^;

We went to Shinjuku Koen before in Spring, I think at the time we were a little late, but Shinjuku Koen still had some sakura around and the trees were huge and it was a beautiful sight ^^

We came here after a rather windy weekend, so maybe that’s why a lot of the trees were bare ^^; but hey there’s still some burst of autumn colours left!

It was a clear sunny afternoon, but it also made it a bit tricky to take photos, a lot of my photos either were overexposed or had harsh shadows ^^;

Don’t get me wrong tho, I’m not complaining :P I feel that overall we lucked out, only having to brave one particularly super rainy and windy day when we were in Japan ^^; the rest of the days were decent ^^!

For some reason I took less photos with the red leaves with Aki? Or perhaps they just didn’t turn out as well :P Lighting can be tricky ^^;

For a few non doll photos here.

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  1. Smithy
    Smithy says:

    That autumn scenery in Shinjuku park is quite beautiful, must be a great sight to see in person. Plus cute Aki in is truly ♥ ^^

    Shame you feel you don’t have enough photos. Though I’ve read that photo aficionados while on such a trip must remember to fully enjoy the scenery and trip itself and not be overly focused on one’s camera and getting good shots alone. Guess it’s a balance to find.

    With such harsh light in autumn it can be very tricky to get good exposure, sometimes a polarization filter helps.

    • chun
      chun says:

      Thank you :D we walked a lot everyday and my feet was hurting ^^; I kinda wish I changed Aki into her kimono but there’s always a but LOL! I do some photo editing when I am back, so it’s all good ^^

  2. Bluestarbaby
    Bluestarbaby says:

    Your pix from Japan are so lovely. Lucky that you had such great weather when u went!
    I understand that feeling of looking back and feeling like I didn’t use my time to full capacity or didn’t take enough pictures. ><!

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