Anime Revolution Artist Alley

Puppy52dolls and a mailittlealien will be at Anime Revolution Artist Alley with a Booth number 21, there will be buttons, some Dollfie Dream clothes, and some fan art prints :) mailittlealien will be displaying her doll clothing ^o^!

If you are attending with your doll(s), we hope to see you there! Kindly bring change if you intend to buy stuff :3 More information will be updated as it gets close!

We were on Anime Revolution’s Featured Artist section on July 17th ^^/

Sneak previews of some items being prepared for the booth! (More will be updated as it gets closer) Read more

Visit to Kawagoe

Oops, haven’t got around editing photos until today, there was a heat wave last week and I avoided being on the computer for too long as it gets really hot in our home office =_=;

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Yoyogi Park and Harajuku

We visited Yoyogi park and Harajuku on 2nd May — one of the days of Golden week I think?

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Aki in Roppongi

Above is Aki in front of the “spider” sculpture at Roppongi Hills. ^o^

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Meiji Jingu

This trip we went to a few shrines for photos, and Meiji Jingu is one of them :)

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Aki and Mt Fuji

Yup ^^; I haven’t been able to update photos just yet as we had been having really busy days…

The weather in Japan has been kind so far, *knock on wood* we managed to make a day trip by bus to see Mt. Fuji behind a sea of Shibazakura ^o^!

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Aki and the golden flowers

Husband’s sharp eye spotted a golden field of flowers which we managed to go get some photos at over the weekend :P

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Puppy Love *Frilly Summer* set for Dollfie Dream M-bust

23 April 2013: Items has been shipped :D Feedback left and tracking sent to winner. Thank you so much!

21 April 2013: Auction ended! Speedy payment received! Items will be packed soon and shipped latest by tuesday, any sooner winner will be informed asap :) Thanks everyone who bidded!

Can you can recognise the inspiration of this frilly assemble? :P It’s not exactly the same tho ;) I decided to include some other items along with the frilly set, not the school uniform from the anime series tho :P Aki looks so cute in it… make it hard to list it =_=;

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Puppy Love *Summer camouflage* set for Dollfie Dream Dynamite body

24 June 2013:  Item has reached the winner o_o (seems that there was some custom delay ^^; ) Thank you kindly :D

17 April 2013:  update: Item has been shipped, feedback and tracking information left for winner. Thank you!

update: Payment received, will be packing the items today and will e-mail and leave a feedback to winner when shipped! Gentle reminder to Winner of auction, please kindly check your ebay message, and let me know if there’s delay or any problems.

15 April 2013: Winner responded, awaiting payment estimated to be done over Wednesday. Items will be packed when payment received. Thank you!

15 April 2013: Invoice and other shopping option (screen captured) sent to the winner, please kindly check your ebay messages thank you!

Nyanko can’t wait for summer to be here!

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Aki Hanami 2013

Every year, we always try to take pictures with the blooming Sakura tree near our place :D This year, I had to try again before it rains!

Pictures from last year on 13th April… Wow the blossoms are 10+ days earlier this year! :o

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